Male Ally Network ending Gender Based Violence

Male Ally Network SAVIS of Halton
Male Ally Network ending Gender Based Violence
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Kathryn Baker-Reed

Kathryn Baker-Reed

Kathryn Baker-Reed has been the executive director of Sexual Assult & Violence Intervention Services of Halton (SAVIS) since 2012. She brings to the table 20 plus years of experience in the field of sexual assault and violence prevention.

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On Wednesday, August 16, 2017, SAVIS’ Male Ally Network (M.A.N.) hosted a roundtable discussion for male identified leaders from Halton to speak to the role men can play to end gender-based violence. The Male Ally Network (M.A.N.) is a grassroots, volunteer network of young men and male identified individuals seeking to end gender-based violence.

Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn was in attendance and formally acknowledged the work SAVIS’ Male Ally Network has been doing with the grant it received from the Ontario Trillium Foundation in 2015.

“Through this continuing program investment in SAVIS Halton, our government is ensuring the development of programs and education for men in the fight against sexual violence. I applaud SAVIS Halton for their efforts to end gender-based violence and bring about positive change in our region.” – the Hon. Kevin Flynn, MPP for Oakville

The Male Ally Network (M.A.N.) is part of the public education department of SAVIS of Halton and is a three-year project. Thanks to funds it received from the Foundation, a coordinator for M.A.N. has been brought on board to develop programs that create more awareness among male youths and men in the community to help end sexual violence in Halton. Funds from the grant are also supporting community awareness programs, education sessions and training programs.

Statistically, men are the greatest perpetrators of violence, regardless of the perpetrated person’s gender. M.A.N. recognizes that the responsibility for stopping sexual violence, intimate partner violence, assault, street harassment, and homicide lie with the perpetrators, and not the survivors. It also recognizes that while most perpetrators of violence are men, most men are not perpetrators of violence. To this end, M.A.N. seeks to equip, boys and male identified individuals to acknowledge and use their privilege as males, and to engage others in the conversation around patriarchy, consent, privilege, and healthy masculinity. This engagement occurs at community centres, schools, colleges, community events like Take Back the Night or Community Awareness Events, M.A.N. volunteer training, game shops, prisons and many more. The truth is, the Male Ally Network is willing to work in any space where men are willing to listen.



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