Marijuana and Brothel Comments by Oakville’s Terence Young hits National News Outlets

Terence Young
Marijuana and Brothel Comments by Oakville’s Terence Young hits National News Outlets
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Terence Young, Oakville’s incumbent Conservative MP has made it to the big times regarding comments he made  at the Oakville Chamber of Commerce’s All Candidates Debate on Tuesday, October 6th.

The comments that have sparked this media coverage related to brothels and marijuana.

“Do you want communities in Oakville that are quiet and safe, where our largest investment, our homes, retain their value as they do now? Or communities where a federal Liberal government mandates legally protected brothels with madams and all that goes with that? Because the Liberals have promised to legalize the selling of women in Canada,” stated Terence Young during his closing arguments on October 6th.

The comment can be found at the 2 hr 20 minute mark:

News organizations that have run this story include: the Toronto Star, the Huffington Post, and the National Observer. A video on the comments made by Mr. Young is making the rounds on Facebook.

Questions about the legalization of marijuana were asked at both debates attended by the Conservative MP, and those in attendance had strong reactions for and against the Liberals’ policy to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana sales. There were no questions asked about the legalization of brothels.

At the Unifor 707 All Candidates Debate on October 8th, MP Young  asserted, that if the Liberal policy to allow doctor assisted euthanasia were to proceed, it would potentially allow overcrowded hospitals to euthanize sick patients in order to free up beds. The comments created several gut reactions from the crowd. However, the Liberal suggestion to investigate doctor assisted euthanasia for terminally ill patients in extreme pain was clarified by Oakville Federal Liberal Candidate, John Oliver.




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