Mayor Burton Answers your Questions: Vol. 1. Ed. 1

Questions by you answered by Mayor Rob Burton
Mayor Burton Answers your Questions: Vol. 1. Ed. 1

Mayor Burton will be answering your questions as part of a regular series. To ask a question all you need to do is to email admin at OakvilleNews.org. Please provide as much information as possible.

Yesterday OakvilleNews.Org received two questions:

Question: Operating of Manufacturing Plants during COVID-19

There is a pail factory plant in Oakville Ontario called Mauser…… this company is still operating to this day???? Why doesn’t the Mayor of Oakville impose on this plant to shut down? This is a non-essential plant to operate in times like this…..!

Health of the workers are more important….

The Province is in charge of who needs to or can stay open. The Premier said several times this week that some jobs are essential to keep such things as food and basic necessities available. We should appreciate those working to keep basics available.

Question: Oakville Property Tax Relief

Do you know if the City has plans to allow residents to defer their property taxes for a few months like other jurisdictions in the area are doing?

Tax deadlines, grace periods, penalties are all decisions being worked on. The due date is April 24. I believe there is plenty of time to deal with that and I expect an announcement to be ready soon in good time.

“Thank you for your questions and thank you to Nolan Machan for putting his publication to this good use,” added Mayor Burton.

Check official Government websites for the latest on public health emergency declared by Canada and Ontario and our municipality:

Government Sources on COVID-19

Canada – canada.ca
Ontario – ontario.ca
Halton – halton.ca
Oakville – oakville.ca

Questions Submission Form

If you have a question you would like to ask the Mayor, please email admin at OakvilleNews.org. Your name will not be posted nor will your name be provided to the Mayor.


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