Mayor Burton reminds province of pledge to save Glen Abbey 

Mayor Burton
 Mayor Burton reminds province of pledge to save Glen Abbey 

Earlier this week Mayor Burton sent a letter to the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Lisa MacLeod, following her recent visit to Glen Abbey.

Mayor Burton’s letter reminds the Minister of the 2018 election campaign commitment to save Glen Abbey by her Party and two local MPPs Effie Triantafilopoulos and Stephen Crawford. An Ontario PC Party Press Release also stated:

“The Ontario PC Party believes that communities like Oakville should have more control over their own growth… 

After the June 7th election, an Ontario PC government’s approach will be to respect the local decisions of municipalities.” (LOCAL ONTARIO PC CANDIDATES SUPPORT THE FIGHT TO PRESERVE GLEN ABBEY, Ontario PC Party Press Release, April 26, 2018) 

Mayor Burton informed the Minister that the government has the necessary tools to fulfil their commitment to save Glen Abbey via a Provincial Heritage Designation or a Minister’s Zoning Order. 

Mayor Burton expressed concerns about recent correspondence between the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal and Clublink, advising ClubLink that their cases can be brought under the Bill 108 LPAT rules. 

“As it stands, your Ministry and government are taking almost the same position as the previous government when it comes to Glen Abbey. The sole difference is that Bill 108, which your government passed, appears to have changed for the worse and in mid-stream the rules under which the Glen Abbey case will be reviewed if the LPAT’s letters to ClubLink are allowed,” Mayor Burton wrote. 

“Oakville residents and I would appreciate an update on this very important matter. I am available to meet and discuss this with you at your earliest convenience. If the LPAT offers to ClubLink are not withdrawn, it will have a very negative effect on the outcome.” 

 Minister MacLeod Tours Oakville’s Glen Abbey Golf Course – September 27, 2019 – Press Release

Today, Stephen Crawford, Member of Provincial Parliament for Oakville and Effie Triantafilopoulos, Member of Provincial Parliament for Oakville North – Burlington, were joined by The Hon. Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport to tour the grounds of the Glen Abbey Golf Club. 

“This is the first time a minister with oversight over the province’s heritage sites has taken the time to meet with community members that call Glen Abbey home,” said Oakville MPP Crawford. “It was a great opportunity to show the Minister first-hand the heritage and beauty that our community appreciates.” 

Glen Abbey Golf Course is one of Canada’s most iconic golf courses and is home to the headquarters of Golf Canada, the Canadian Golf Museum and Hall of Fame and the TaylorMade Performance Lab. 

“This site is a point of pride for Oakville and the surrounding communities,” said Oakville— North Burlington MPP Triantafilopoulos. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to highlight this directly to the minister.” 

The Glen Abbey property sits on 229-acres if land and was designed by the world-famous golfer Jack Nicklaus. 


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