Mayor Burton Tweets about PM’s Private Security Detail: Is this good for Oakville?

Mayor Burton Tweets about PM’s Private Security Detail: Is this good for Oakville?
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On Saturday, August 29, 2015 Mayor Burton tweet created quite a stir on Twitter, to the point of #ResignOakvilleMayor trending in Canada.

Rob Burton’s comment regarded the Prime Minister’s decision to increase his security detail by hiring Veterans, which is above and beyond what is already provided by the RCMP.

“Any political parties had private police using veterans before?” Burton tweet linked to Wikipedia pages on Hitler’s Brownshirts and Mussolini’s Blackshirts. “Any others?”

Jason Kenny, a senior federal conservative tweeted back: “Mayor Burton of Oakville has compared Canadian military veterans who do private security work to NAZIs. Please apologize”

Burton’s tweet took on a life of its own. Burton then ended up on almost every major media outlet in Canada from the Toronto Star to CTV. He finally issued the following tweet: “I apologize to all vets for my remarks. I regret any impact on their feelings or pride. I celebrate the way they went to fight for freedom.”

Mayor Burton has supported the Liberal Party both Federally and Provincially for the past serval years.

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  1. John McLaughlin says:

    No, this is not good for the Town of Oakville or it’s residents.

    It was not a “stir” he created – as you suggest in your article – it was a firestorm of criticism on all media – which has put Oakville in the national spotlight – for all the wrong reasons.

    A sitting mayor should not be wading into a federal election – and disparaging Canadians, including the PM – that is not part of his mandate. The mayor is a representative of the residents of Oakville at all times – under the Municipal Act, 2001 – and must carefully conduct himself in that regard, especially on social media which has an immediate effect.

    The people of Oakville both support and welcome – veterans and the military – and Canadians must be made aware of their generous and tolerant nature.

  2. LSharp says:

    Good article. Clearly, Mayor Burton is stumping for the Liberal party. Will your future coverage address the following questions: !) Is it appropriate for a Mayor to use his official Twitter account to lobby for a political party? 2) Does the Oakville Liberal Party candidate John Oliver support Burton’s comments? 3) If not, why has Oliver not publicly denounced the Mayor’s remarks? 4) How many Town Councillors have spoken out against the Mayor’s comments? If they are silent, do THEY agree with Mayor Burton’s comments? 5) If he does not resign before November 11, will the Mayor be asked to stay away from Remembrance Day services given his poor opinion of Canadian veterans?

  3. Richard Brooks says:

    Just another reason to vote against him. He and Wynne should both be incarcerated in the same cell

  4. John McLaughlin says:

    A complaint was filed with the Town Clerk – under the Municipal Act, 2001 yesterday, essentially alleging that Mayor Burton’s controversial tweets referred to above and his related conduct violated the “Code of Conduct”, passed by Council in 2008. The complainant seeks an inquiry by the Integrity Commissioner into these allegations.

  5. John McLaughlin says:

    Town Council votes against an inquiry by the Integrity Commissioner into Mayor Burton’s Tweets – Councillor Gittings disagrees.

    Council should not be “pre-screening” any Code of Conduct complaints – let the Integrity Commissioner do that.

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