Mayor’s State of the Town Address distinctly different

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Mayor’s State of the Town Address distinctly different
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Every year, the Oakville Mayor provides a state of the town address to various community groups. On Friday, April 12th he addressed members and guests of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce at the Oakville Conference Centre.

As in past years the Mayor’s state of the town address, there were the typical statements that make the town look great.

Residents overwhelming are pleased with the way the town is governed. There was an extensive study released this week supporting the Mayor’s statements.

The Town of Oakville has spoke: “We’re Satisfied”

He also made a particular note to the number of elected officials in Oakville. It is where the typical address started to change.

Oakville has 15 elected officials, and Burlington has 7.

Having 15 elected representatives was actually cheaper than Burlington’s 7. Burlington Councillors require office space and a fully paid staff. Their staff receives all the benefits given to municipal employees. Oakville’s councillors have no staff to speak of and their offices are in their homes.

From a business perspective the community has added 1,800 new jobs over the past year. Business is thriving and more  businesses are moving into Oakville.

As a community we enjoy a AAA credit rating which is higher than the province’s AA credit rating. This means that Oakville and Halton pay less to service any form of debt than the province. It creates a better business climate.

After the formal town address the Mayor answered questions. He chose his words carefully, and didn’t use the “That’s an interesting question” when a politician is taken off guard.

Questions asked included how was the town going to help businesses attract more employees to address the labour shortage. It is something that Premier Doug Ford commented on when he spoke to the Chambers earlier in the week.

Premier Doug Ford talk to Halton’s Chambers of Commerce

The Mayor put that back on shoulders of the employers.  If businesses wanted more employees, then according to fundamentals of the demand and supply, businesses will have to pay higher wages.

Other questions included how would the town would help Downtown Oakville businesses during the construction, and improving transportation across the town. His answer: that the town is doing everything it can to help businesses out during construction, and that major transit bottle necks such as Kerr Street and Burloak by-passes that are continuing.

What was distinctly different from a typical town address was his focus on the Regional Review. Town residents are concerned about the regional review and the potential amalgamation of the Towns that make up Halton. He gave a shout out to the “WeLoveOakville” group, and asked that the Oakville Chamber of Commerce formalize their position on the regional review. MPP Stephen Crawford was also mentioned several times, acknowledging that municipal governments exist at Province’s discretion.


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