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Mayor’s Update: We crushed the curve

Mayor’s Update: We crushed the curve

We crushed the curve.

Thanks to all of your efforts to stay home and stay safe for the last eight weeks, we’re in a position to safely and responsibly begin reopening.

Over the course of the last eight weeks our healthcare capacity was able to expand to meet the surge of the COVID emergency. Fortunately, our hospital didn’t even see the rates of Ontario’s best-case scenario and is now poised to handle any COVID cases that may present. I thank you for your efforts but also warn that we need to remain diligent.

My advice is to continue to follow the emergency orders to maintain physical distancing and not gather in groups of more than five people who don’t live together. If you are vulnerable or want to reduce your risk of catching the virus, remember what I call my three Cs of safety: avoid Crowds, Confined spaces, and Circulating in the community yourself or with those who do.

What we know about this virus is that there are many asymptomatic folks spreading it and by wearing a mask, we keep others safe even when we don’t know we’re sick. Wearing a non-medical mask can help with more safe reopening by helping to prevent the spread. I’m sure we can all agree that none of us would want to be responsible for making anyone else sick, and this is a way to help control the spread.

Please, be the one who thinks of the vulnerable and wear a mask in public because you cannot know if you are spreading the virus. Your respect for others will go a long way in this journey.

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