Meet the New Faces of Sheridan Illustration


The graduating class of Sheridan College’s award-winning Illustration program are preparing to showcase their exceptional creativity and artistic flair at New Faces, their Graduate Show, which will take place at The Gallery in Toronto this Thursday evening.

Eighty-two graduating students were asked to illustrate a series of portraits, which were then divided and merged with each other to create stunning new pieces of art. The show is entitled New Faces, which speaks to the resulting product of this creative endeavour. At the Show, there will be a live installation where guests can create their own New Faces using the works of the class.

“Our students study for four years as independent artists, developing a personal approach to visual communication. This project took their individual portraits, reduced them to their elements and married them with other students’ work to create beautiful and intriguing New Faces,” said Clemente Botelho, program coordinator, Sheridan College Illustration. “We were amazed at how these seemingly disparate pieces became seamlessly integrated into fascinating works of their own.”

The Illustration Graduate Show has become a staple event in the Toronto arts community. A notable display of visual storytelling, it attracts over 800 guests each year, including leading independent professionals, distinguished agencies, members of the public, and family and friends of the artists.

“The Sheridan Illustration program is a destination for talented students from around the world and across Canada to develop their expertise as visual communicators. The Graduate Show is a culmination of the hard work and investment these students make in their studies over four years,” said Donna Braggins, Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts, Animation and Design, Sheridan College. “Each year we are impressed with the talent, dedication and professional growth we see in our graduating students. We are so proud to introduce you to the next generation of illustrators.”

Prior to the show, guests are encouraged to create their own New Faces by visiting



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