Merton Land Study: Oakville’s Last Large Land Parcel

500 plus acres

Merton Land Study: Oakville’s Last Large Land Parcel
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Gisele Shaw

Gisele Shaw is the Manager of Corporate Communication for the town of Oakville since 2002. Prior to working for the town she worked for Halton Region as a communications specialist. She is a graduate of Humber College.

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Over the course of this study, our goal is to engage the community as often as possible to get comments and opinions on the study, its findings and options. Creating a frequently asked questions list is one way for the town to share questions that we have received from the public through open houses, emails and phone calls. This page will continue to grow and change as we move through the study. Please visit often to review. You can also visit the Merton Planning Study page for study updates and information.

As the town receives questions, we will post them here under the appropriate group.

Study scope and overview

What is the Merton Planning Study?
Why are we doing the Merton Planning Study?
Why a study now?
If the study’s intent is to get out ahead of potential future changes, what are those changes and how is this beneficial to area residents?
Through the study what is not changing, what may change and what will change?
What decisions have been made on the lands?

Land use options

The town presented three options at the open house as potential land uses; how were the options developed and is there room for a fourth option?
Why doesn’t one of the options consider keeping a golf course?

Policies/other related studies/OMB

Doesn’t the Livable Oakville Plan have policies that meet our population and employment targets? Why consider more development?
What are the current, in force and effect policies for the land?
What are the Parkway Belt West lands? If the lands aren’t ‘protected’ lands, what are they?
Who is initiating the removal of lands from the Parkway Belt West Plan? What are they seeking?
Are we are already at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) with this study? What is the appeal for?
Who is undertaking the technical studies and who is paying for them?

Natural areas/wildlife

Is the Natural Heritage System being changed?
How will the natural areas be preserved and protected? What about trees?
Are we going to lose park space?
Why is the westerly property (west side of Bronte Road) being considered? Isn’t it in the Greenbelt?
Is Conservation Halton part of the study?
How large is the study area and how much of it is being protected?
Is the town changing “conservation areas” to development?
Will the town consider an east-west connection of the natural heritage system between the Bronte Creek and Fourteen Mile Creek systems?
Can large buffers be provided adjacent to the natural areas to further maintain and protect environmental features?
Can the town provide trails along the western boundary of the natural heritage system as part of the buffer?
How are you going to protect wildlife in the area?


How will cultural heritage resources be conserved?


Do the traffic and noise studies take into account future increased traffic due to the new hospital?
Where is access proposed for the Third Line lands?
Can the town provide trails along the western boundary of the natural heritage system as part of the buffer?

Development/land owners

When would development occur?
Who are the major landowners in the study area?
Who is Bronte Green Corporation?
Are there lease agreements relating to the Infrastructure Ontario lands?
What zoning will be applied to the lands?
What are the terms and conditions of the leases with Infrastructure Ontario on other leased lands? Are the lands surplus?



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