MoneySense Magazine names Oakville as Canada’s best place to live

MoneySense Magazine
MoneySense Magazine names Oakville as Canada’s best place to live
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Gisele Shaw

Gisele Shaw

Gisele Shaw is the Manager of Corporate Communication for the town of Oakville since 2002. Prior to working for the town she worked for Halton Region as a communications specialist. She is a graduate of Humber College.

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In a ranking of 415 cities, towns and villages, MoneySense Magazine has named the Town of Oakville as the best place to live in Canada. The online magazine’s rankings are based on the economy, affordability, safety and culture of each municipality, as well as access to health care services, transit and schools.

“Council is extremely proud our town is being recognized on the national stage,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “Being named the No. 1 Best Place to Live in Canada is an honour we – residents, town staff and Council – have truly earned together as a community.”

This makes five years in a row that Oakville has made it into the top 20 best places to live, and residents who call Oakville home know what makes the town such a great place in which to work, live and play.

Here’s why MoneySense Magazine says Oakville takes the top spot:

  1. Oakville residents enjoy access to Toronto’s strong job market while maintaining the benefits of a smaller town feel
  2. It is prosperous, but affordable
  3. It is safe, yet easy to get around
  4. It has the type of weather that draws you outdoors to its numerous parks, trials and bike paths

In addition to placing first overall, Oakville scored high in a number of other categories including best city for new Canadians (first place), best city to retire (third place) and best city to raise a family (fifth place).


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Readers Comments (4)

  1. Jim Major says:

    On what planet is Oakville “affordable”?

  2. John P. McLaughlin says:

    Number 1 — not so fast…

    No. 1 in hidden municipal debt
    No. 1 in highest property taxes
    No. 1 in 18-25 youth unemployment
    No. 1 in budget spending increases
    No. 1 in shuttered businesses, and

    No. 1 at risk of looming solvency crisis

  3. John P. McLaughlin says:

    The “math” doesn’t add up here (or the Mayor’s math is 2+2=5). Averages are the likely culprit here.

    Oakville says 2018 final residential tax rate is 0.765860 (even higher for multi-unit, commercial or industrial other than for the BIA’s).

    Money Sense says average property value is $1.2 million. So, multiply 0.765860 tax rate x $1.2 million = $9,190.32 in taxes, not $5,269.

    That’s a more accurate weighted average tax bill in Oakville (i.e. more homes than businesses).

    If your home is $1 million, your taxes are $7,658.60, not $5,269 Money Sense!
    That’s a proxy for (un) affordability.

    Just compare your 2006 tax to 2018 tax bill = frightening rise = Vote No!

  4. […] went into the calculations by MoneySense Magazine in the new 2018 ranking of Oakville as the ‘Best Place to Live in Canada’,” Mayor Burton said. “This recognition inspires us to keep working together as a community […]

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