One remote cabin in the woods, five people, one big bad evil spirit, how hard is that?

Being a fan of the Evil Dead movies of the past, I was curious about this remake, hoping to witness a new vision and establishment in the horror genre, which is what its source material is known for. Instead, we got a generic clunk of brain-dead “adults” who have a hard time acting, followed by a handful of disappointing “scares.”


Evil Dead

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Overall Rating:
Opens: April 5, 2013
Running time: 90 minutes
Genre: Horror/Zombie

Before we get down to business, lets just remind ourselves that The Evil Dead (1981) is the film that spawned several cabin related horror movies with similar plot devices. Now lets talk about a remake of the movie that spawned a dozen remakes.

The movies general plot and characters differ from the original, revolving around persons David (Shiloh Fernandez), Olivia (Jessica Lucas), Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci), and Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore) who take David’s sister Mia (Jane Levy) on a sobriety getaway to an isolated cabin, in order to help her get over her heroin addiction.

imagesSuddenly Eric, who is supposed to be the smart one of the group, revives an evil terror from the woods by reading a mysterious book with red markings stating “DO NOT READ” embedded on every page. Eric reads anyways, and that’s when it’s okay for us to start yelling at the screen. The evil rises and before we know it, Mia’s body is possessed by the demons of the woods, which then gives her permission to torture and possess all of her friends.

The movie lacks in several stages, relying on its sound effects and bass drops to jolt its audience rather than throwing them some good, uncomfortable horror. There’s plenty of gore, but that’s all we get and sorry guys, but gore isn’t scary. It’s disgusting. The acting is another unconvincing and nerve wrecking chapter, much thanks to Lou Taylor Pucci.

Comparing this revitalization to its original source material is almost insulting; there is zero originality besides the general plot and characters, and it decides to follow down the same predictable and generic film structure we’ve all witnessed too many times.

I thought it was a great idea for Sam Raimi (The director of The Evil Dead trilogy) to choose no-name YouTube short film director Fede Alvarez to remake his masterpiece, spawning more opportunities for independent filmmakers. Boy, was I wrong.

Skip this one. Watch the original.


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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Tyler says:

    I’m inclined to agree with this review, though I think it could have gone more in-depth.

    For instance, not only is the whole “cabin-in-the-woods” scenario, started by Raimi’s “The Evil Dead” is so unbelievably played out, it was ripe for deconstruction.

    Problem is, a movie already beat “Evil Dead” to the punch, and it was aptly titled “Cabin in the Woods”.

    Raimi eventually wants to tie this new franchise into the original franchise, apparently having ‘Mia’ meet up with Bruce Campbell’s ‘Ash’, and that could be neat, but I’d rather just have “Army Of Darkness II”

    Good review, nonetheless.

  2. phong vo says:

    i have always been a fan of evil dead, original triology. therefore, i was eagered to see this film. the trailer illustrated and visualized a dark and obsecure terror. i have yet seen the film, but reading this scholar review my hopes and thoughts have changed. it changed in a good way because i trust your review. there is no bias comment but clear facts and criticisms about the films originality, acting, theme and overall tone/mood. bad because i had much hope and anticipation for this film but it leaves me with low expectations, saving me from much dissapointment. you have once again open up my opinion and prospective which is a qaulity of a great critic.
    great review keep up the good work.


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