Movie Review: Fist Fight an Unfunny Flop

Movie Review: Fist Fight an Unfunny Flop
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Despite being only mid-February, this weekend might already feature the worst movie of 2017. New Line Cinema’s new barely-a-blockbuster comedy Fist Fight takes a fabulous premise and shamelessly disappoints.

The film’s set up of two high school teachers having a good old fashioned rumble on the last day of school is a hilarious concept. With the right stakes and right build up to the climactic brawl, this had all the potential to be a gleefully fun movie. But instead, the movie’s promising advertising and story fail in almost every way.

An unforgivable number of the gags and jokes are flat, or worse, are poorly delivered. The cast is made of usually reliable comedians, yet their clearly improvised antics feel lazily edited. There’s no compassion or heart in anything they say.

Charlie Day and Ice Cube play the two main teachers in the corners of the ring (or school parking lot), with Day as the nervous wreck and Cube as the hothead terror. 60% of the movie is Day rambling anxious nonsense to anyone willing to restrain slapping his pathetic face.

Photo credit: New Line Cinema.

That’s just one example of an unfunny joke run into the ground too many times. Other running jokes are even worse, like the stoned guidance counsellor desperately trying to sleep with a student. Or the gym coach oblivious to graduating seniors using lawn mowers and a chalk cart to draw an ejaculating penis on the football field.

Throw in some nauseating child acting, a disgusting overuse of profanity, a drugged horse and weak supporting actors, and you have all the ingredients needed to ruin a movie. It’s an unspectacular, boring regret. It’s barely worth sitting through, let alone the ticket price.

I’ll admit there were a half dozen jokes that made me laugh. There’s even a somewhat sweet ending scene I liked. But neither of these come close to redeeming this failed “original” comedy. In fact, a similar failed premise was used in another American comedy called Three O’ Clock High in 1987.

Not including the opening or end credits, the movie is only 79 minutes long. But with such disappointing jokes, it feels much longer. Other than the (somewhat impressive) final fight scene, there’s absolutely nothing entertaining about the entire film.

This is the perfect movie to have someone you don’t like be forced to watch when they lose a bet. But you might as well just have an alley fight of your own with them. Odds are that’s more entertaining than Fist Fight wishes it ever could be.

Fist Fight
1/2 out of 4 stars.

14A, 91 minutes. Comedy.
Directed by Richie Keen.
Starring Charlie Day, Ice Cube, Jillian Bell and Tracy Morgan.
Now Playing at Cineplex Winston Churchill and Cineplex Oakville & VIP.



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