MP Scott Brison – embrace the digital world

Scott Brison
MP Scott Brison – embrace the digital world
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Did you know that when you die the government is still notified by a fax. MP Scott Brison the Minister of Digital Government shared this tidbit at an Oakville Chamber of Commerce breakfast.

The audience laughed at the absurdity of still using a fax machine.

As MP Scott Brison  continued, most young people have no idea of what a fax is. They use smart phones, tablets, and some even desktops. Their grandparents use FaceTime to keep up with their family.

With that in mind, embracing the digital transfer of information is critical to the success of our country.

Scott Brison

Royal Bank of Canada at breakfast

There are people who fear technology citing the following concerns:

  1. Digital is less secure than analog: however, we do our banking online, and submit our taxes online. Both of these actions expose critical information about our identities.
  2. Citizens prefer bricks and mortar service centres; however, we do our shopping online (amazon), rent movies online (netflix)
  3. Digital services won’t help low-income citizens; however, more low-income citizens have greater access to smart phones. In fact, Canada has over 24 million smart phones. They have greater access to information then they ever had.
Scott Brison

PWC at Breakfast

There have been major debacles such as:

  1. The introduction of Obama Care when millions of US citizens attempted to access the website. The website crashed. Only six people signed up.
  2. In Canada, we still are dealing with the Phoenix pay system for government employees.

Finally, if we embrace digital technology our democracy will flourish. Until recently, the only time we were able to take part in government was when we voted. That is changing.  Now, we can quickly voice our concerns. This allows our government to listen to its constituents and act.

“Imagine a digitally enabled future where there are no wait times, where you don’t even need to enroll for a service, it just automatically happens. A future where young bright minds tap into government data to save lives, fuel new businesses and put services we haven’t yet imagined at our fingertips,” summed up MP Scott Brison.


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