Name Oakville’s Newest Elementary School

Elementary School
Name Oakville’s Newest Elementary School

Community members are encouraged to submit names for the new Oakville elementary school, scheduled to open in Fall 2020.

The Halton District School Board will open a new elementary school in Oakville in Fall 2020. The school will be located in northeast Oakville at 3199 Post Road. Students, families and community members are encouraged to submit suggestions for the name of the new school between January 6 – February 7, 2020.

The name of the school should contribute to a positive and inspirational culture for students and include one or more of the following criteria: geography, history, culture or traditions in the community, the name of a renowned person of historical significance to the Halton community, or a person whose contribution to society or humanity is recognized and valued across Canada.

Suggestions will be accepted until Friday, Feb. 7, 2020.
Suggestion forms and ballot boxes are located at:

Suggestions can also be made:

  • By completing the online form (also accessible from the HDSB website at www.hdsb.ca)
  • By fax — 905-335-4447
  • By mail — Communications Dept., Halton District School Board – PO Box 5005 STN LCD 1, Burlington, ON  L7R 3Z2

Each name that is submitted will be reviewed by a committee which will include parent/guardian representation. A shortlist of names will be prepared and presented to the Board of Trustees who will select the final name.

Trustees will select the final name at one of the regularly scheduled Board meetings in early spring. The selected name for the school will be announced in a news release and posted on the Halton District School Board website at www.hdsb.ca and social media.


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