New Horizon funds programs for Seniors in Oakville

MP John Oliver with Senior Citizens
New Horizon funds programs for Seniors in Oakville

Seniors are an important part of our community, and their contributions, particularly within our volunteer sector, are invaluable. As baby boomers age, communities have an opportunity to benefit from a highly-skilled group of seniors looking for new and meaningful ways to contribute to their communities. To support this, John Oliver, MP I’m pleased to announce $98,600 in funding through the New Horizons for Seniors Programs in Oakville.

Four community organizations within Oakville are the recipients of the New Horizons Federal Grants and Contributions program that will see the support and development of seniors well-being, accessibility and community interconnectivity.

The New Horizons for Seniors Program is an excellent way of improving the accessibility of initiatives and engaging seniors throughout Oakville. Congratulations to St. John’s United Church, the Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton, The Oakville Jiu-Jiu Senior Association and The East Faith Korean Presbyterian Church for their support of senior social participation and on receiving this funding.

St. John’s United Church will improve the acoustics, sound and presentation capability in the Church Hall. “This government funding has allowed us to address an acoustics and audio visual problem in our church hall, Lusk Hall, which has impacted the enjoyment of seniors attending church and community functions,” said Ross Hutchison, Chair of the Board of Trustees.

The Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton (CCAH) will be engaging Halton Caribbean and Black Seniors using Parang music for community engagement and inclusion.”We are pleased that MP John Oliver and the Government of Canada, has been able to provide this crucial funding so that our outreach program could fill a gap that would enrich the lives of seniors in our community with Parang Music. This program will uplift the spirits, motivate and inspire seniors ,prevent isolation, and foster community engagement,” commented Veronica Tyrrell, President of Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton.

The Oakville Jiu-Jiu Senior Association – Culture Melt-In and Sharing Project, will offer a weekly tai-ji training program and educational workshops about Canadian history to seniors in the community. “Healthy living habit is the foundation of all things. Start at any age, Exercise what you can, and Enjoy what you achieve,” stated Tao Yuan, Oakville Jiu-Jiu Senior Association.

The East Faith Korean Presbyterian Church initiative, Hamkke (Indigenous Korean word meaning together), will see the organization replace doors, windows and railings to ensure accessibility and safety in order to continue to provide senior activities including fall prevention workshops. “We are truly happy to hear of this government funding to help improve accessibility and safety in order to continue to provide senior activities. Thank you to MP Oliver for his support and for his Government’s continued commitment to the livelihood of seniors,” said Tae-Kyum Park, East Faith Korean Presbyterian Church.

Since its creation in 2004, the New Horizon for Seniors’ Program has helped seniors lead and participate in activities across the country enabling seniors to share their knowledge, skills and experience with others.



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