New Oakville Hospital Update: April 30, 2015

A cancer clinic will be a new feature at the Oakville Hospital when it opens in December 2015

Halton Healthcare Services will be opening the New Oakville Hospital, located at Third-Line and Dundas, in December 2015.

The New Oakville Hospital is expected to serve the majority of Oakville and outlying communities after the Oakville Memorial Hospital shuts down. The Oakville Memorial Hospital will be shutting down on the same day the New Oakville Hospital opens. An exact date will be announced in August 2015.

The hospital will feature state-of-the-art technology including automated drug dispensary systems, and an electronic patient information tracking system that will allow for fast and accurate records to be kept and shared with other facilities in the community. In addition medical equipment will also automatically update patient information, and send alerts through the use of new wireless technology.

The hospital will offer many new services to the community include a new cancer clinic, which was not previously available at the Oakville Traflagar Memorial Hospital. The clinic will provide patient assessment, teaching, counselling, information resources, chemotherapy administration, blood transfusions, procedures and clinical trials for oncology patients. Radiation treatment assessments will also be made, but radiation treatment will still be provided at radiation centres in Mississauga, Hamilton or Toronto.

Another one of the services offered at the hospital will be brand new Diagnostic Imagining department strategically located near the Emergency department. The Imaging department will feature:

  • 2 brand new 3 Tesla MIRs and 1 1.5 Tesla MIR brought over from the Oakville Memorial Hospital. Tesla indicates the strength of the magnetic field and clarity of the images.
  • 2 new CT scanners as well as one brought over the Oakville Memorial Hospital
  • Digital X-Ray
  • State-of-the-art ultrasound which will provide stress echocardiography, which will help in the diagnosing heart disease

The hospital will have capacity for 457 beds in total available for inpatients with shelled-in space to grow to 601 beds in the future. 80 per cent of beds will be in single patient rooms, allowing for better privacy, patient care, and infection prevention and control.

Each room includes:

  • A pullout sleep sofa,
  • Comfortable chair,
  • Reading light
  • A large flat-screen television.

Many units have dedicated family waiting lounges with a kitchenette, which includes:

  • Comfortable chairs,
  • A two-seat sofa,
  • Dining table and chairs,
  • Television,
  • Microwave oven,
  • A refrigerator with a freezer.


“As an organization, we are seen as leaders in many areas of hospital infrastructure projects. We have developed leading practices around inpatient bedroom design and for the work related to governance oversight, project management, and operational readiness of major capital infrastructure projects,” said Denise Hardenne, President and CEO, Halton Healthcare Services. “I expect that our role as a leader in this area will only continue to grow over the years to come.”

The hospital will cost $2.7 billion for its construction and is being funded by the Government of Ontario through the Alternative Finance Procurement.

Halton Healthcare Services and the Town of Oakville have also contributed $270 million and $130 million respectively to the $2.7 billion total, with a further $60 million being raised through fundraising by the Hospital Foundation. The money will go towards the purchasing of clinical equipment (MRI’s, CT scanners, etc.) and non-eligible construction (parking facilities, retail spaces, and the cafeteria).




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  1. Gordon Brennan says:

    You should also mention about how this new Hospital will be a huge air polluter with those massive diesel generators spewing out toxic black smoke in direct line with a Childcare Centre! Mayor Burton is suppose to be an air quality expert!

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