Nine is Italy in Another Way: Theatre Sheridan Review

Nine is Italy in Another Way: Theatre Sheridan Review
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Nine comes to Theatre Sheridan with a clearly Italian swagger that pleasantly fills Sheridan’s Studio Theatre. It’s a standard production of Maury Yeston’s Fellini-esque romance, but a well-composed one.

The scattershot plot is about famed film director Guido Contini (Connor Briggs) trying to make his next feature film. Most of the show is about balancing the movie’s production and his many love affairs – not to mention his wife.

Briggs is clearly holding down the fort as Guido, and several numbers let him shine as a textured, versatile showman. Both “Guido’s Song” and the titular “Nine” are the best examples, though the show’s biggest numbers belong to other characters.

The performer who really shines brightest is Sydney Cochran as his wife Luisa, who’s probably shouldering more than her husband. Cochran sings with the heartbreaking patience and pain Luisa faces with every compounding lie Guido tells, and it makes for the most interesting relationship in the play.

Most of the spectacle that comes is from David Juby’s fantastic cavalcade of costumes. Each scene brings new treats and treasures, and the ensemble is routinely decorated in new attire to make the world seem bigger than it is. There’s also a dazzling transformation for most of the women in the show’s finale.

Nine - Theatre Sheridan

Theatre Sheridan’s Nine

Aside from that, the remaining designs are serviceable without being particularly awe-inspiring. It looks like the Venetian Spa where most of the play is set. Sadly, the Studio Theatre doesn’t have much space to create much needed excess.

One other quick note: the ensemble is great, but Wychita Hendricks (the cast’s only other adult man) stands out. But not because of his rare male presence; It’s because his charming cameos are second to his musical accompaniment on percussion and piano.

Because of the extremely low seating capacity, tickets in this venue are always tough to get. They frequently sell out weeks in advance. The other two musicals to be presented here this season are both premieres from the Canadian Music Theatre Project. If you’re interested in seeing them, you’re best to buy tickets now.

Sheridan’s projects in the Studio Theatre are always fun, and often more interesting. Many of them are among the college’s most creative works. This wasn’t one of them, but Nine was well-made and entertaining nonetheless.


3 out of 4 Stars
Music and Lyrics by Maury Yeston. Book by Arthur Kopit.
Ages 13 and Up. 2hrs. Musical Romance Drama.
Directed by Jayme Armstrong.

Starring: Connor Briggs, Sydney Cochran, Kaitlyn Post, Aniqa Charania, Jamie Cudicio and Wychita Hendricks.

Played at Trafalgar’s Studio Theatre, 1430 Trafalgar Road, Oakville, ON.
Ran from November 28th to December 8th, 2019. Tickets for upcoming productions range $15-30, available at online here, or by calling 905-815-4049.


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