No Fitness Facility in new plans for Oakville Arena

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No Fitness Facility in new plans for Oakville Arena
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Fraser Damoff

Fraser Damoff

Fraser Damoff is a long time resident of Oakville. He is also a highly skilled energy sector professional with a specialization in the Ontario Green Energy sector. With a keen focus on aboriginal energy project financing, Fraser has been involved in financing agreements with Ontario First Nations all over the Province. He is also a dedicated volunteer and community activist who has been involved with the Kerr Street Mission, the Terry Fox Run and the Oakville United Way.

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I was pleased to join the many Oakville residents who took part in the Oakville Arena open house on April 13th. The designs for the new arena are impressive, and the work by the Town of Oakville staff to save the character of Oakville Arena is commendable.

However, I was left feeling somewhat disappointed that the Town of Oakville has not included a fitness facility for all ages in the designs of the new arena. Instead, the Town of Oakville will only add a fitness facility if the rebuild comes in under budget, which, as anyone who has ever worked on an infrastructure project can tell you, is certainly no guarantee. It would be much more cost effective to include a small fitness facility in
the original design of the new Arena, rather than try to add it afterwards in a makeshift space.

The low-cost fitness facilities offered by the Town of Oakville are by and large the most affordable in the entire Town and offer families of all income levels the opportunity to live an active lifestyle.

Considering Ward 2 does not have a Town of Oakville fitness facility, I believe that it would be a huge missed opportunity for our community if we don’t include one in the new Oakville Arena.

Over the next 10 years, Kerr Village and the surrounding area will be going through some of the biggest changes in its history, and the Town of Oakville has a role to play in this. The Town of Oakville has a real opportunity with the Oakville Arena rebuild, to include an affordable fitness facility similar to that of QEP Community and Cultural Centre for the residents of Ward 2.



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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Rainer Beltzner says:

    I agree with Fraser’s comments. We are in dire need of an affordable fitness facility that can be within a reasonable walking/biking distance from the local community. There are several good “gyms” in the neighbourhood but many residents can’t afford their rates.
    A fitness facility should be incorporated into the initial design now as other competing priorities for funding will always pop up in the future. As a result, this facility may never be done.

  2. John McLaughlin says:

    Fraser is exactly right on this call. It reflects the Town of Oakville’s poor commitment and record to date to the well being and physical (and mental) health of all of its residents. The Town views investments only in monetary terms – not investing in health, well-being and human capital for residents of all ages. You can show your displeasure at the ballot box.


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