Oakville to add 15 new pedestrian crossovers

pedestrian crossovers
Oakville to add 15 new pedestrian crossovers
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Gisele Shaw is the Manager of Corporate Communication for the town of Oakville since 2002. Prior to working for the town she worked for Halton Region as a communications specialist. She is a graduate of Humber College.

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The town is making it easier for pedestrians to get where they want to go more quickly, safely and easily with the installation of 15 new pedestrian crossovers this year. The first four crossovers will be installed in March, weather permitting. The town’s Pedestrian Safety Program, approved by Council in October 2017, recommends over 170 pedestrian crossover locations to be implemented throughout the town over the next 10-15 years.

Pedestrian crossover and a crosswalk differences:


  1. Found at a regular traffic signal, stop sign, school crossing or other intersection
  2. Sometimes have “ladder” style stripes that mark the crossing area
  3. Motorists do not have to wait for pedestrians to cross the full width before proceeding

Pedestrian Crossovers

  1. Can be found at any stretch of roadway, not necessarily at an intersection
  2. Always have “ladder” style stripes that mark the crossing area
  3. Always have roadside signage that says “Stop for Pedestrians”
  4. Always have pavement markings to show where cars and/or cyclists must stop
  5. Sometimes have lights or overhead signage
  6. Motorists must wait for pedestrians to cross the full width of the road before proceeding

The first four pedestrian crossovers being installed are located at:

  1. Pine Glen Road at Millstone Park
  2. North Ridge Trail at Crosstown Trail
  3. Nautical Boulevard at Nautical Park
  4. Central Park Drive at Gatwick Drive

The town’s first pedestrian crossover was completed in January 2017. It is located at Navy Street and Church Street. Locations and the priority of installation are determined using a list of criteria such as safety; public demand; and connectivity to schools, seniors’ facilities, transit stops, and parks and trails.


Another eleven crossovers will be introduced later in 2018.

penalties for not obeying the rules

If drivers and cyclists do not yield to pedestrians at a crossover, they may face a fine in the range of $150 to $500. Drivers may also face three demerit points.


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