Oakville amateur elite athletes receive provincial support

Oakville amateur elite athletes
Oakville amateur elite athletes receive provincial support
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Ontario is providing direct financial assistance and elite competition opportunities to 19 Oakville amateur elite athletes this year to help them reach the podium and compete at the highest international levels. For 2017-18, 1,255 Ontario amateur athletes will receive $6.36 million in direct funding from Quest for Gold.

The following is the list of Oakville amateur elite athletes receiving financial assistance:

  1. Mr. Robbie Andison: Freestyle Skiing
  2. Ms. Sarah Benn: Women’s Softball
  3. Ms. Alanna Bray-Lougheed: Canoe – Sprint/Kayak
  4. Mr. Liam Bruce: Sailing
  5. Ms. Scarlett Delgado: Boxing
  6. Ms. Emelia Dermott: Boxing
  7. Ms. Melanie Hawtin: Basketball
  8. Ms. Emily Little: Canoe – Sprint/Kayak
  9. Mr. Matthew Mac: Swim
  10. Ms. Laura Madill: Indoor Volleyball
  11. Ms. Kristin O’Neill: Women’s Ice Hockey
  12. Ms. Madeline Osgarby: Field Hockey
  13. Mr. Sam Pennyfather: Canoe – Sprint/Kayak
  14. Ms. Kate Pennyfather: Canoe – Sprint/Kayak
  15. Ms. Lucy Pennyfather: Canoe – Sprint/Kayak
  16. Mr. Aidos Sapenov: Judo
  17. Mr. Christian Sprang: Canoe – Sprint/Kayak
  18. Mr. Callum Tam: Rugby
  19. Ms. Caitlin Trenholme: Boxing

This list also gives Oakville residents an opportunity to see who are our up-and-coming athletes.

“Ontario’s Quest for Gold program makes a tremendous difference for high performance amateur athletes by allowing them to compete without the barriers of financial burden. This funding provides athletes the freedom to focus on being champions for Canada and thrive on the world stage. I extend my sincere congratulations and the best of luck to Oakville’s recipients.,” stated Kevin Flynn, MPP Oakville.

This year, Ontario is supporting Oakville amateur elite athletes by providing critical financial assistance through the Quest for Gold program, including direct funding to assist with the costs of living, training, sports equipment, accessing coaches and facilities and travel to competitions. It funds sporting events that offer the elite competition experience that athletes need to compete at the international level, such as the 2017 Canadian Track and Field Championships, which ran from July 6-9. This type of competition gives Oakville amateur elite athletes the opportunity to compete for a spot at the 2017 International Athletics Association Federation (IAAF) World Championships. Finally, the Ontario Quest for Gold program lets Oakville amateur elite athletes focus on becoming the best in their sport, improving Ontario’s and Canada’s standing at international competitions.

“The Quest for Gold Funding a crucial element aiding my goal to one day represent Canada at the Olympics in Sailing. Being a competitive amateur athlete in sailing – as in any sport – is a full time commitment. There is no magic formula – if you have the drive then it’s time and effort plus coaching, equipment and travel. Funding makes it possible,” commented Liam Bruce.

“At the moment, Quest For Gold is the main funding I receive. Without it, travelling to Medemblik, Holland this August to represent Canada at the 2017 Laser Radial Youth World Championships would have been off the table. The Worlds is a key regatta for me as getting experience in a world fleet is the next critical step in my development. But my budget is tight and flights, accommodation, boat charter and regatta entry fees add up,” Liam continued.

This year, Quest for Gold is also providing approximately $3.4 million to the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (CSIO), the Coaches Association of Ontario (CAO) and through the Team Ontario Development Grant to enhance coaching, training and competitive opportunities to athletes and their coaches.

Past gold medalists Penny Oleksiak, Andre De Grasse and Rosie MacLennan all received Quest for Gold funding. Of the 31 Ontario athletes who received medals at the Rio Olympics, 29 were Quest for Gold athletes.

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