Oakville Automatic Vehicle Locators reduce Guess Work

Oakville Automatic Vehicle Locators, Oakville Transit Bus
Oakville Automatic Vehicle Locators reduce Guess Work
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Oakville Automatic Vehicle Locators (AVL) pinpoint the exact location of buses, public works vehicles and fire trucks in real-time, so residents and staff will no longer have to guess. Residents will have this new information available on their smart phones, computers, and tablets. Town of Oakville staff presented the AVL information to Oakville Council on June 26, 2017 .

Oakville Automatic Vehicle Locators (AVL) are devices that work with GPS (Global Positioning System) and a wireless radio system. AVL then transmits information about a vehicle’s current location. It’s a powerful tool that helps the town manage fleets of vehicles as well as ensuring that a high service level.

“In today’s digitally-driven world, municipal governments have to constantly evolve to continue providing high-quality services to our residents,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “AVL technology is helping the town provide citizens with on-demand information, tools and services they can easily access from their mobile devices.”

For Oakville Transit customers, AVL technology allows them to track their bus in real-time from their computer or mobile phone so they can know exactly when it will arrive at their stop via BusFinder.

Transit riders also benefit from a number of other real-time information features including;

  1. Digital signs inside buses displaying next stop information
  2. Automated voice announcements advising customers of the next stop
  3. Automated voice announcements providing pre-boarding destination information
  4. Large digital variable message signs displaying real-time departure information at four key transit hubs – Oakville and Bronte GO stations, Sheridan College and the Uptown Core terminal.

The Roads and Works department is also using AVL technology to provide better communication to residents about snow clearing. Residents can now track the progress of plows in real-time as they clear roads by using  PlowOakville. Staff also use the technology to accurately monitor and track the amount of salt their trucks distribute on the roads.

AVL and GPS technology are not only making town services more accessible and convenient for residents, these tools are also helping the Oakville Fire Department cut down response times and get to the scene of an emergency sooner. When a fire crew is dispatched on a call, they can now access the call information from a computer tablet within the fire truck.

“In an emergency situation every second counts and this technology gives our crews the most accurate, up-to-date mapping information available so they can respond as quickly as possible,” said Fire Chief Brian Durdin.


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