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Oakville Centre presents: Been a Long Time Comin’

In Celebration of Black History Month

Black Dance Troup
Oakville Centre presents:  Been a Long Time Comin’

Been a Long Time Comin’ by KasheDance and Wind in the Leaves Collective is part of the Paradiso Dance & Drama Series. This pay-what-you-can performance is presented at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts on Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 8 p.m. in support of Black History Month.

“Traditional and modern dance from Africa and the Caribbean merge seamlessly with elements of classical ballet in pieces that are fresh and vibrant.” Anya Wassenburg

Kashedance and Wind in the Leaves offer a performance reflecting on the African Diasporic experience in North America through visual art, music, dance and poetry. Full of high energy dance, colour and insightful narrative. The performances intricately unearth the personal and historical journeys of the African diaspora.

About KasheeDance

Hailed as embodying artistic diversity in technique, form and presentation, KasheDance echoes in a new genealogy of Afro-contemporary dance steeped in modern dance, ballet and rooted in dances of the Diaspora. Celebrating its 5th Anniversary, KasheDance is rooted in a technical style grounded in human expressions, poly-rhythms, and technical virtuosity. The company is led by Kevin A. Ormsby.

About the Wind in the Leaves Collective

Wind in the Leaves Collective tells the stories of leaves which, like people, become moved by the winds and who all have unique and interesting stories worth being told regardless of diverse identities, be it women, people with disabilities, ethno-cultural and racialized groups, immigrants and refugees, faith groups, the poor, Aboriginal peoples, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered peoples. Inclusivity in practice we feel should exist in everything that we do as artists and human beings.


Pay-What-You-Can tickets are available online at www.oakvillecentre.ca or by calling 905-815-2021 or Toll free: 1-888-489-7784



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