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Oakville Community Foundation is NOW Accepting Grant Applications

Last year just under $2,000,000 was granted

$20 CDN Bill folded into a Heart
Oakville Community Foundation is NOW Accepting  Grant Applications
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Sarah McPherson

Sarah McPherson

Sarah is a veteran communications, fundraising and marketing professional with over 20 years’ experience working in the corporate and not-for-profit industry. Sarah has helped lead organizations through branding campaigns, fundraising events and annual campaigns, along with community-at-large special events. She is the Director of Communication and Development for the Oakville Community Foundation.

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The Oakville Community Foundation has once again started accepting applications for their popular Vital Community Fund (formerly called Community Fund). Applications will be accepted until February 5th at 11:59 pm.

Last year, The Foundation granted through several funds including: Community Fund (now the Vital Community Fund), The Ontario Endowment for Children and Youth in Recreation Fund, Oakville Environmental Fund, Athena Scholarship Fund, and the Foundation’s Fundholders, just under$2 million bringing total granting since inception to over $20 million.

“This grant-making process is very exciting as we’ve made significant changes to our process. These changes come as a result of considerable discussion with charities, along with the release of our 2015 Vital Signs report. For example, a key stumbling block for charities is the need to raise funds for their operating programs, and charities could not apply for these needs in our process. That’s now possible. We’ve also told charities, if you partner together, you may be eligible for more than double the support” said Oakville Community Foundation CEO Wendy Rinella.

The Oakville Community Foundation’s annual community grant-making program addresses the highest priority needs, as outlined in the 2015 Vital Signs report, as well as several field of interest focus areas.

“We don’t do this alone, however, we are incredibly thankful to our Fundholders. We have the pleasure each year of working with our Fundholders and helping them fund a broad spectrum of important work all across our community.”

The Oakville Community Foundation Board of Directors recently established a new multi-year Strategic Plan, entitled Building More Effective Philanthropy. “A cornerstone of this plan, is a focus on increasing the share of granting dollars to stay local, along with doubling the potential funding offered to charities and making it easier for them to access these funds” noted Oakville Community Foundation Board Chair Nick Jelinek. “This signifies our intention to help drive significant improvements on these issues.”

Organizations seeking a Grant should visit The Oakville Community Foundation’s website at www.theocf.org to learn more and to apply online.



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