Oakville community helps Halton emergency responders

Oakville community helps Halton emergency responders
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Paramedic Services Week ended Saturday. Some members of the Oakville business community have taken it upon themselves to make sure that Halton region’s paramedics have access to a nice warm meal while they’re working.

The annual celebration of Canada’s emergency responders is particularly important while the country is in the throes of COVID-19. Paramedics work hard year round. But these days, just going into work can put you at a higher risk of infection. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

For the past four weeks, Zumin Inc, a local real estate company, has been coordinating with local food services to deliver meals to on-duty frontline workers.

Oakville business Zumin Home Centre began this meal donation initiative 4 weeks ago.

Honouring frontline workers

This month also included Nursing Week in Canada from May 11-17. To show essential workers how much they are appreciated, the team at Zumin worked with Oakville restaurants to bring food to the staff at old age homes. Food from Subway and Boston Pizza was donated and then delivered to the Post Inn Village.


Last Thursday, the menu was ready-made food from Metro and Tim Hortons; full lunches and donuts for the paramedic team while they prepared their equipment and waited for calls. Representatives from the Lakeshore Convention Centre were also in attendance and helped organize the meals and their delivery.

halton emergency donation

The councillor and businesses donated over 150 hot and cold meals to Halton Emergency Responders on Thursday.

Zumin’s projects were originally operating only in Peel Region. They were organizing meals for front line workers in Mississauga. They then reached out to Councillor Pavan Parmar of Oakville’s Ward 7 to begin some events here as well.

“Pavan and Laddie connected a few weeks back, and as we are all Oakville residents, it’s very exciting that we are able to show appreciation and do something to help in our hometown,” says Garry Rai, one of the founders and CEOs of Zumin. He and his wife Laddie Rai run the business together and are proud to be able to give back to their community.

Zumin originally planned for their delivery projects to last for around four weeks but they’ve been going so well, Garry says they will continue for the foreseeable future.

“What’s been amazing to see, is that although we have purchased and donated meals, local businesses are just as willing to pay it forward in their respective capacities,” he says.

halton emergency donation

Ward 7 Oakville Town Councillor Pavan Parmar was instrumental in planning this phase of meal donations.

halton emergency donation

Halton Regional Council Chairman Gary Carr tells the assembled crews how valuable they are to the community.

Doing your part part

Halton Region’s Chair Gary Carr also attended, and addressed the paramedics, explaining how grateful the city is for their service and sacrifice. The meals were delivered to the Woodlands Operation Centre, then shared with the nearby police station as well.

For Councillor Parmar, it’s essential to show appreciation to Oakville’s emergency workers during these tough times. The amount of donations and charitable initiatives has swelled since the beginning of the pandemic, a sign of how close knit the people of Oakville can be.

halton emergency donation

“Showing appreciation is very important,” she says. “Not only through support and thanking those on the frontlines. But, also by how well the people of Oakville are doing abiding the restrictions that are in place.”

Parmar thinks that the Town’s infection numbers show that people have been doing a “fabulous job following guidelines from the town and the province.”


“It shows a strong community. Not only coming together to give thanks and donate, but to do its part staying safe.”

The team shared the donated meals among the paramedics and the nearby police station as well.

Zumin Inc and their collaborators will continue to provide meals for organizations in Halton and GTA including:


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