Oakville Day of Mourning 2015

Remember, Reflect & Educate

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MP Pam Damoff

MP Pam Damoff

Pam Damoff, a politician, community activist and business professional with over 25 years’ corporate experience on Bay Street, was elected to represent the riding of Oakville North-Burlington in the House of Commons in the 2015 federal election. Prior to the election, Pam served as an Oakville Town Councillor from 2010-2015.

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No one should say good bye to a loved one as they leave for work and never see them again because of a preventable death.

The National Day of Mourning is an annual day of remembrance for workers who have been killed or injured on the job in Canada. The aim of this day is to publicly renew the commitment to fight for the safety of the living, as well as mourn for those workers who have died. Although it all began in Canada, the Day of Mourning is now commemorated in more than 70 countries worldwide.

The local event is organized by the Oakville and District Labour Council and is held annually on April 28th. Labour, local politicians, the business community and concerned Oakville residents will be gathering at the workers memorial outside the Oakville Central Library, 120 Navy Street at 6:00 pm to commemorate the Day of Mourning here in Oakville.

“We invite all residents of Oakville to join us on this solemn occasion.” said Tim Batke, Second Vice President, Oakville & District Labour Council, who is once again organizing the Oakville event this year. “It is important to remember those who lost their lives on the job, and also to educate people so that no more lives are needlessly lost in the workplace.”

While organized by the Labour Council, this event extends far beyond organized labour. Every man and women should have the expectation of safety in the workplace, especially our young people who are especially vulnerable. In essence, the Day of Mourning is a day of remembrance for workers – to remember, reflect and educate.

The event will feature several guest speakers who will share stories of personal loss while reminding us of the importance of safety in workplace. Keynote speaker will be Oakville MPP and Minister of Labour Kevin Flynn.

On December 28th, 1990, the Government of Canada passed the Workers Mourning Day Act, which established an official day observed every year to commemorate workers injured on the job, killed, disabled, or who suffer from occupational illnesses. This day is also intended to show Canadians’ concern for occupational health and safety. April 28 was chosen for this observance, since the first comprehensive Workers’ Compensation Act was passed in the province of Ontario.

“It is so important for our residents to not only observe the Day of Mourning, but also use the day as a way of educating themselves and their families that they have the right to say no, and they do not have to put their lives at risk when at work.” said Dave Millar, President of the Oakville and District Labour Council.


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