Oakville Drives: 2016 Jaguar XJL

Jaguar 2016 XJL
Oakville Drives: 2016 Jaguar XJL
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R. G. Beltzner

R. G. Beltzner

A long time automobile enthusiast, and competitive race driver, Rainer Beltzner provides performance driving and racing instruction for Porsche, BMW, and Ferrari owners and clubs. He's been doing this for over 25 years. Often, Rainer is found driving/teaching on one of the Canadian Tire Motorsport, Shannonville or Watkins Glen tracks. During the “off-season”, Rainer spends his spare time driving and evaluating a broad range of vehicles. Follow Rainer on Twitter @redy2rol.

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The Jaguar XJL is a sophisticated and elegant vehicle designed for all around comfort in a luxurious environment.

Handling characteristics

This Jaguar came equipped with the 3.0L V6 supercharged engine providing 340 hp and 332 ft-lbs of torque. Matched with an all wheel drive (AWD) eight-speed automatic transmission, this combination is rated to provide acceleration of 0-100km/h in 6.4 seconds and a top speed of 195 km/h. If you are in need of similar luxury and styling but with a lot more power, there is the option of the long wheelbase rear wheel drive XJR with the 5.0L V8 engine, 550 horsepower and a blistering top speed of 280 km/h and 4.6 seconds acceleration to 100km/h.

Tata Motors LTD

Model: 2016 Jaguar XJL (Portfolio)
Engine: 3.0L V6
Base Price: $100,475
Price as Tested: $107,775

The 3.0L super-charged version is an excellent driving car. The all-wheel-drive system provides superior traction and still retains some of the sporty feel of a rear-wheel drive car. According to the specifications provided, this system is intended to “continuously monitor driving and road conditions to optimize traction and handling balance.” I drove this fairly heavy and large vehicle over some winding roads at enthusiastic (but still legal) speeds and enjoyed the stability and traction through the tight corners as well as the positive steering feel. The 8 speed automatic transmission was seamless providing very smooth up-shifts. The rather interesting shift selector that rises once the start button is engaged, provides the usual park, reverse and drive settings as well as two additional driving modes; a “dynamic” mode for more aggressive driving as well as a “winter” mode that is intended to provide a more progressive throttle in slippery conditions. The Jaguar is also equipped with “All Surface Progress Control (ASPC)” that when activated by the driver, provides additional assistance in very slippery conditions such as climbing a snowy hill or departing from an icy surface. Once engaged, this low speed cruise control can operate between 3 km/h and 29 km/h.

My test vehicle included the optional adaptive cruise control that not only allows you to set the cruising speed and pre-set following distance, but also automatically adjusts speed according to vehicles in front.


Interior of 2016 Jaguar XJLFrom the moment you open the driver’s door, you are greeted with an absolutely elegant interior including the soft grain quilted leather heated and cooled front and rear seats seats. The driver and passenger are provided with 14-way adjustable seats with three-position memory, massage functionality and 4 way lumbar adjustment. Granted, it takes a while to find the “best” seat position with so many adjustments and available options but the end result is quite pleasant. For long drives, the massage settings can give your back and shoulders some nice relief. The climate control system is a four zone automatic. To reduce glare, the vehicle is equipped with electric rear sunblinds and electric, side rear sunblinds were included as an option. All of the controls are reasonably intuitive and within easy reach of the driver. The all-new infotainment system uses a highly intuitive multi-touch interface to provide intelligent GPS guidance. The in-car entertainment system boasts a sophisticated Meridian 825 watt surround sound system with 20 speakers. Remote vehicle status, optimized assistance and advanced security features are also included.


The Jaguar XJL Portfolio comes fully equipped with most of the safety and handling features that you would expect as standard equipment in an upscale and premium vehicle. These include 3-point safety belt restraint system for all seating positions; front and rear seatbelt minder; whiplash protection system for front seats; seat-mounted front side airbags as well as side curtain airbags; power trunk open and close; remote control locking; emergency brake assist; traffic sign recognition; reverse dip mirror; and, front and rear parking camera aids. My test Jaguar included several options that I would also recommend. For example; heated front windscreen; adaptive cruise control; “inControl Protect + Connect Pro Pack; and, parking assist.

Things to consider

front of 2016 Jaguar XJL

I had the opportunity to also share views with several XJL owners that are long time Jaguar drivers. All reported this car to be exceptionally comfortable and a joy to drive.

This is an upscale four door luxury sedan that will make you feel pampered whether driver or passenger. Despite the longer wheelbase, very tall passengers may find the rear seating still a bit tight for leg as well as headroom. Nevertheless, this is a thoroughly enjoyable car to drive and be a passenger in. I had the opportunity to also share views with several XJL owners that are long time Jaguar drivers. All reported this car to be exceptionally comfortable and a joy to drive. I did hear a couple of comments about the car’s size and the need to become used to it especially entering and exiting tight garage spaces.

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