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Oakville Eats: BRU
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Well, I’ve just returned from a dinner at BRU – the new pub on Lakeshore Road East between Maluca and Oakville’s darling, Seasons. I’ve been curious about the place since the brown paper covered over the windows of Benvenuto – which never did seem to be open. At least not for a long time.

The concept of BRU is to offer a wide assortment of micro-brewery beer (30 types according to our waitress). The atmosphere is typical of the new trend of restaurant interior design with hard floors, old wood, exposed brick and lit by antique inspired bare light bulbs, as well as oil votive lamps on the tables and tucked into wall crevices. There is a big under-lit bar at the front and the dining room is located just behind. There is banquet seating, as well as stools (no chairs).

If you have a chance, sit on the west side of the restaurant. The east provides a perfect view into the washroom, which is left open until one of the staff notices. It appears that the owner ran out of money right at the point of keeping the bathroom stylistically cohesive with the rest of the establishment , a tad unfortunate.

The selection of beers is excellent, and definitively differentiates it from the competition – O’Finns, Queens Head, and the Kings Arms. There is even a gluten free beer.  The food is straightforward pub fair – a gluten free fish & chips, poutine, steak & frites, wings, a seasonal soup, and a mesclun salad just to name just a few. Prices range from as low as $8.00 up to $18.00. The portions are reasonable in size, adequately prepared, and well plated. However, all the menu items are missing descriptions, so if you have a particular dislike or food allergy you need to make it known. We ordered the mesclun salad which came with walnuts, a creamy vinaigrette, and thinly sliced granny smith apple. Unfortunately, we didn’t mention that one of our party dislikes walnuts. So the walnuts were picked out leaving a pile on the plate. The food definitely didn’t stand out from the crowd.

The service was weak but friendly. I’m picky about service. Our server was also the bartender and hostess. If someone is the only person working the front of house – they have to be sharp. When we entered, she indicated that we could sit where we like – not a good idea if you know one side of the restaurant has a perfect view of the toilet. She let us settle in – outlined the menu – and took our order promptly.

The meal only took a few minutes which was surprisingly fast – but there was only one other couple dining. This is when our server’s weaknesses began showing. As she brought the meal out – she slid one plate across the table, which I thought was going to end in my wife’s lap. It didn’t. When she came back to clear the salad, she made no mention of the pile of walnuts. As I tend to eat a little faster, she quickly cleared my plate – not really a good idea when someone else is still eating, since it makes that person feel rushed. Once we had finished – we were offered dessert – we declined and asked for the bill. BRU takes all major credit cards.

So upon getting the bill, the server then returned with the credit card reader and promptly disappeared into the back. She didn’t reappear until we were leaving. This might have been the first time, when I was in a restaurant and not been asked how I liked my meal. It is really difficult to tell if this was a one off – or if this is a pattern.

BRU is a good place if you appreciate a wide selection of craft beer, and are looking for a fun and urban pub.

BRU is located at 134 Lakeshore Road East in downtown Oakville. They do accept reservations and are open 7 days a week.




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Readers Comments (4)

  1. George Chisholm says:

    I’d decline the desert too. Sand is hard to digest and very dry.

    • Nolan Machan says:

      OOPS, and thanks george for catching the error of desert which should read dessert. The change has been made.

  2. Lisa New says:

    I have eaten at Bru several times and each time have had an excellent experience. We have had the shrimp tacos and pizza which were both delicious. The last time we were in we arrived at 9 pm and the kitchen was closed, which we thought a little odd. However, the owner had a beautiful cheese and compote plate made up for us which was absolutely delicious and perfect as a late night snack. The service has always been good and they are really great about suggesting beers you might like to try by asking you questions about the type of beer you like to drink.
    It is now my go to place for a quick bite and a drink along the Lakeshore.

  3. john says:

    Really, you need to be asked the usual obnoxious question “is everything OK”? Must have been a huge dissapointment!!!!


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