Oakville Eats Brunch: Maro’s

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Oakville Eats Brunch: Maro’s
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I don’t tend to make a habit of reviewing restaurants more than once; however, occasionally there is an exception to the rule. The brunch offered at Maro’s in Kerr Village on Saturdays and Sundays is something uniquely delicious.

The chef has opened up a new world for brunch with tastes inspired by the Eastern and Southern Mediterranean. Picture yourself sitting at a seaside café overlooking azure water. The early morning sun is warming the air, and there is a soft breeze. A melodic and cheerful tune plays quietly as you relax sipping a Turkish coffee, or Persian tea sweetened with saffron infused sugar.

Maro's Family Restaurant

135 Kerr Street, Oakville Ontario L6K 3A6
Phone: 289-837-2389
Food type: Eastern Mediterranean: Brunch, Lunch & Dinner (Vegan, Gluten Free, & Vegetarian Options)
Dinner Price:

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Brunch is separated into two parts: dishes with eggs and those that use fresh cheeses. The egg dishes include Shakshuka a classic a historic Moroccan breakfast with three poached eggs on a bed of homemade tomato sauce with green peppers, onions, and Mediterranean spices. Fresh cheese dishes include feta, halloumi, labneh and akkiwi that are light, and combined with elements such as walnuts, and dates.

My favourite sweet dish is the Elixir of the East. A date paste which is mixed with rose water, then placed on a bed of melted akkiwi cheese and carefully spiced.

AAA feta mixed with avocado, cucumber and extra virgin olive oil, served with grilled tomatoes, dried fruits, and zeitoon pavardeh.

Duke Malcom is AAA feta mixed with avocado, cucumber and extra virgin olive oil, served with grilled tomatoes, dried fruits, and zeitoon pavardeh.

Also available on the brunch menu are gourmet baguettes and burritos filled with fresh and carefully prepared vegetables, cheeses, and eggs. The one thing you will not find on the menu is a classic cup of american coffee, but you are welcome to bring your own.

As with all meals at Maro’s you will be satisfied. This chef has thankfully opened up a whole new set of delicious tastes for Oakville. Maro’s is located at 135 Kerr Street just south of Rebecca. Brunch starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM.


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