Oakville Eats: Mo’s Kitchen & Tavern

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Oakville Eats: Mo’s Kitchen & Tavern
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When the White Oak Restaurant closed down, it appeared that affordable family dinning had left Downtown Oakville. Well, someone noticed and has taken over what was the Cottage Side and brought in Mo’s Kitchen and Tavern, which is now family friendly. 

Mo’s is not new to Oakville. It has been at 467 Speers Road for over 8 years, and is known for it’s generous portions, family friendly atmosphere, quality ingredients, and friendly staff. The location in Downtown Oakville is following this tried and true tradition.

I have to say that I’m always a little skeptical when a restaurant owner tries to expand to another location. However, all my concerns were put to rest and several expectations were exceeded when it came to decor. A number of restauranteurs have tried to make this location work, and all have failed. So what makes Mo’s different?

Mo's Kitchen & Tavern

234 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville Ontario L6J 1H8
Phone: 905-844-0234
Food type: Canadian Family Restaurant: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
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Mo realized that not everyone who visits downtown Oakville is looking for a high end experience. Many residents have children, and want a place to bring the kids for breakfast, lunch and dinner before or after their multitude of activities.  Mo’s menu is classic for a family restaurant and includes: Bacon & Eggs, BLT, to a rack of ribs. Prices range from as low as $7.00 for two eggs, hash browns, and toast to $30.00 for a 10 oz steak with shrimp, asparagus, with peppercorn brandy sauce. This location also has a full bar.

He has made sure that seniors feel welcome and has special pricing on Tuesday’s of $8.00 for Fish & Chips. Coffee is $2.00 and comes in a thermos with free refills. For those wanting a challenge there are two Food Challenges for $25.00 each: Breakfast or Lunch/Dinner. If you can eat the entire meal you get it for free.

The atmosphere is clean and contemporary. The walls are a friendly shade of green, the trim and woodwork is white, and the lighting is perfect. There is plenty of room around tables,  and large groups can be easily accommodated. The staff is professional. Mo brought in several of his best servers from the Speers location, ensuring that everyone is looked after properly. Washroom’s are clean and wheelchair accessible, and a wheelchair ramp is available for the entrance.

Mo’s Kitchen & Tavern is a welcome addition to Downtown Oakville. If you are looking for a straightforward meal at a reasonable price with good service, you’ll feel very comfortable at Mo’s.



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  1. AP says:

    South Side Cottage Grill was my favourite place in town, but I was eager to find out what was going to take its place. I’ve heard of Mo’s but never gone there before. The first thing that was a bit of an adjustment for me was the removal of the booths that the SSCG had, in favour of what felt to me like “let’s cram as many tables as possible into this space”. I can understand that a place needs to be able to make the most money out of its available space, but I found the new layout to be kind of cramped and uncomfortable. Another thing that bugged me was that the radio was on fairly loud, and the combination of this and the noise of a full restaurant of people talking made for an extremely loud experience, tough to relax in. I’ve been to other places just as full that aren’t as loud — this place needs to hang some baffles from the ceiling or something, to dampen the noise.
    Boy does this place deliver on the food though…. WOW. Once I got to eat the food, my feeling about the place changed from “I don’t like being here” to “oh boy do I need to come back again”. The staff are nice and the food is amazing… but I feel there is room for improvement in terms of making the place feel comfortable.

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