Oakville Eats: Sunnyside Grill

An old-fashioned breakfast in Oakville.

Oakville Eats: Sunnyside Grill
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Vanessa Lo was raised in a family that is passionate about food and life. Currently she is enrolled in Sheridan College's Marketing Program , and was the Ambassador of Oakville's Dishcrawl. As the food and restaurant critic for OakvilleNews.Org she will bring a strong understanding of food, and a desire to explore all the options available in our town.

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They say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Some people disregard the saying because they would rather sleep-in than embrace the beautiful mornings in the kitchen or at a breakfast restaurant. Some others would rather go to bed a few hours early the night before or even sacrifice a few hours of sleep, so they CAN have the most important meal of the day!

There has been a growing number of breakfast restaurants in the GTA and so I happened to come across Sunnyside Grill in downtown Oakville on Lakeshore Road East. Sunnyside Grill has five locations, two of which are located in Oakville and the remainder in Toronto, Burlington and Stoney Creek.

Photo credit: Vanessa Lo

Photo credit: Vanessa Lo

The exterior of Sunnyside Grill is old-fashioned with a blend of bright colours of white, yellow and light blue. Entering the restaurant, there are rows of tables running along the wall on the right side and an open kitchen on the left. The cleanliness and organization of the kitchen encourages customers to work up an appetite.

I was instantly greeted by a server and she welcomed me to sit anywhere. Coffee at Sunnyside Grill is bottomless at the price of $1.95. If you’re not a coffee-drinker, there are other beverages including freshly-squeezed and bottled juices, teas, soft drinks, water and milk. There are plenty of menu options ranging from an All-day breakfast (with a create-your-own breakfast option), sandwiches, omelettes (four types and a create-your-own option), a children’s breakfast menu, fruit and yogurt, as well as a pancakes and waffles section.


The server told me that the most popular all-day breakfast is the Traditional breakfast, which consists of eggs, bacon, ham or sausages, potatoes and toast. I chose the Poached Eggs Florentine which was eggs benedict with spinach (I replaced English muffins with rye bread) and potatoes to compliment the meal. I also added a side of pancakes.

Food service was quick, where I waited 5 minutes until my meal was served. Sunnyside Grill has good food presentation, however I didn’t find anything with the taste that stood out, though the Hollandaise sauce was made well. One thing that I wasn’t asked was if I preferred my poached eggs soft, medium or hard. I find this question crucial, because some people don’t like their poached eggs soft; the yolk will drench the bread. My bill came to a total of $14.89.

Customer service was great: the server constantly followed up with my meal and coffee. Locals come to eat at Sunnyside Grill which is a good sign; it’s warming to hear the employees and locals in conversation.

Overall, despite the fact that the taste of the food doesn’t stand out from a typical breakfast, the customer service and cleanliness of Sunnyside Grill gets my vote. I recommend coming to this restaurant if you do not feel like making breakfast at home and are seeking a breakfast restaurant with a good price, good atmosphere and good service. Bring the kids along too, it is family-friendly with a great children’s breakfast menu available.


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