Oakville Eats: The 3 Brewers

An international restaurant-microbrewery comes to Canada.

Oakville Eats: The 3 Brewers
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A little over a month ago, a friend told me he had been to a new restaurant/bar called The 3 Brewers. In his excitement he told me that The 3 Brewers brews their own beer, which I thought was pretty darn awesome because we do not have many restaurant breweries in Oakville.

The 3 Brewers

2041 Winston Park Dr.,
Oakville, Ontario L6H 6P5

Phone: 289-813-2239
Food type: Casual Dining/Microbrewery
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My curiosity got the better of me and I finally made a visit to The 3 Brewers, located in the Winston Park Plaza just north of the QEW near Winston Churchill Boulevard. The plaza has a movie theatre, Rehab bar/lounge, Dirty Martini, Boston Pizza and a few other restaurants. The 3 Brewers, an international restaurant chain originating in France where it is called Les 3 Brasseurs, was created as a reflection of the era of microbreweries. In 1986, a family of brewers decided to revive the traditions of the past that were deeply rooted in three generations of their family – thus the name The 3 Brewers.

The 3 Brewers Interior

The 3 Brewers waiting area and brewing machinery
Photo by Vanessa Lo

The exterior of The 3 Brewers in Oakville is positioned facing a parking lot which makes it simple for people to find. Immediately noticeable are the big windows that showcase the brewing machinery as well as the interior of the restaurant. When you walk in, there are bags of malt placed to create a waiting area for customers. The entire restaurant is designed with a full open-concept for the bar and the dining area. There are flatscreen televisions which make this a great place to watch sporting events. Also there is a nice patio that runs along one side of the restaurant which was where I sat.

The 3 Brewers has a unique menu, with a wide range of food items such as Flammekeuches (flat-bread pizzas), burgers, sandwiches, sauerkraut, steak, fish and desserts! What truly distinguishes the menu is the small colour-coded icon beside each item denoting the restaurant’s “Brewer’s Advice”, a recommendation of what type of beer best compliments each dish (i.e. Provencale Flammekeuches with an icon recommending their Amber beer). The varieties of beer offered on tap, brewed in small batches on the premises, are White, Blonde, India Pale Ale, Amber and Brown, as well as beers of the month and of the season; they range from 4.7% alcohol for the White to 6.2% for the Amber. In addition to the available beers on tap, The 3 Brewers also sells their eponymous-branded bottled beer: La Triple, La Belle Province and the newest addition, La Royale. If you just can’t choose one from among all the different beers, you don’t have to: you can buy “flights” of beer, called Etceteras, which consist of 4 or 6 different beers in small 4-ounce glasses, served on a wooden tray.

Pricing is considered affordable; it would be a nice spot to bring someone for a date or for a simple hangout with friends. If you’re a seeker of lower prices, this wouldn’t be a place I would recommend.

The 3 Brewers: Star Platter

The 3 Brewers: Star Platter
Photo by Vanessa Lo

The 3 Brewers: Grilled Salmon and Braised Lamb Shank

The 3 Brewers: Braised Lamb Shank and Grilled Salmon
Photo by Vanessa Lo

We ordered a Star platter for the appetizer, Grilled Salmon and Braised Lamb Shank for the entrée. I ordered the “Spring Fling” seasonal beer which boasted over 6.0% alcohol. The food presentation and food quality were both excellent; the lamb was tender and cooked perfectly and the size of the salmon was bigger than what I would have received from Alice Fazooli’s. The Star platter had spicy onion scoops which were my favourite! Customer service was great, my server was friendly and was able to provide constant follow-ups.

I really liked the ambiance of The 3 Brewers, because it gave off a lounge-like feel in a modernized atmosphere. Excellent food presentation, food quality, cleanliness, ambiance and customer service gives this restaurant a 4/5! I am definitely going to be a returning customer, and I will recommend it to my friends and family as well.


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  1. Sandy says:

    Won’t be back. Green beans hard as rock. Waited 20 min. for bread pudding dessert & was then told they were out of sauce. Wasn’t busy either. On a scale from 1-10 I give it a minus 0. Oakville location. Gave the waitress $11 tip. Regret that in hindsight. She should have told us instead of making us wait so long. It was the manager who eventually told us. Terrible service

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