Oakville Hospital Foundation Drops the Ball


imagesThis year as I do every year – I went to the Oakville Hospital’s gift shop looking for their holiday cards. The last few years have been unique, since the foundation decided to use young children’s art. This was fantastic; and the first year I supported this perspective – the art was extremely primitive in style, and helped to show that Oakville’s Hospital helped a great number of children.

Then last year’s card came out – and it was a young child’s perspective. Again I appreciated it – but it wasn’t as suitable for my needs. However, understanding that there were residents who wanted to support the hospital – the board came up with an alternative. It was a stunning photograph.

In previous years, the art chosen for the Hospital’s holiday card was done by committee and the artists whose work was chosen were extremely excited. It was a coveted artistic opportunity. However, this year the Oakville Hospital Foundation’s board decided to do away with the holiday card all together – citing poor sales in the previous two years. Robert Boast-Cornish an Oakville artist whose work was consistently chosen, his cards were quickly purchased as were previous artists work.

If you had hoped to be able to pick up your Oakville Hospital holiday cards at the gift shop, you are unfortunately going to be very disappointed. If you would like the hospital foundation to continue the their holiday card program, please email: Tina Triano at: TTRIANO@haltonhealthcare.on.ca. It is only by voicing our perspectives do we see action.


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