Oakville Hydro Power Grid Status: July 20, 2013: 5:27 AM

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Twitter pic by JonNibz

Twitter pic by JonNibz

Due to the recent storm there are numerous trees down on the electrical wires throughout Oakville. We ask that you not go near any downed wires. If you know about any wires that are down on the ground, please contact 3-11 and let the operator know exactly where they are. Telephone lines continue to be busy, so we ask for your patience.

Once again do not approach any wire that is on the ground or hanging close to the ground. Oakville Hydro crews have been working tirelessly through the night to restore power to all residents and businesses.

In cases where you have been informed by an Oakville Hydro employee that repairs to your own electrical service, the you will also are going to need an “Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)” inspection before Oakville Hydro can restore your power. Your Electrician can inform you of this process. Please ensure you have that paperwork before requesting reconnection to the power grid.



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