Oakville Hydro reports scam attempts

Scam attempts oakville hydro Electric Cords

Oakville Hydro is alerting Oakville residents about multiple scam attempts. Several customers have reported receiving a text message or email that has a link that will give them a refund. Reports also include phone calls demanding payment to avoid immediate disconnection. All messages and calls are from an entity claiming to be from Oakville Hydro.

Oakville Hydro customers can be assured that their personal information is secure. We never ask credit card information via text message, phone or email; we do not threaten to disconnect service if payment is not provided immediately and do not give refunds through internet links.

Protection against scam attempts

In the event that a resident receives a suspicious text message, email or phone call from an entity identifying itself as Oakville Hydro:

  1. Do not give credit card information
  2. Do not click on a link within a text or email message
  3. Do not give personal information, including your Oakville Hydro account number
  4. Report the incident to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or www.antifraudcenter.ca

If anyone has suffered a financial loss due to one of these scams, they are encouraged to report their loss to Halton Police Fraud Intake at 905-465-8741.

For more information or updates on these scams, please follow Oakville Hydro on Twitter @oakvillehydro, visit us on Facebook or contact customer service at 905-825-9400.


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