Oakville Hydro’s Smart Meters are Safe

There are no Sensus Generation 3.3 meters in Oakville

Sensus Meters

As per the release from Ontario Hydro yesterday regarding unsafe smart meters. It was widely reported that Oakville Hydro was affected by the recall of a particular smart meter. Oakville Hydro was notified on January 22, 2015. There were a total of two residents who were affected. Oakville Hydro staff notified the residents immediately, and the recalled Smart Meters were replaced today: January 23, 2015.

Originally posted: August 14, 2014.

Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc. “Oakville Hydro” is actively engaged with our regulator, suppliers and customers about recent reports of fires related to Sensus Generation 3.3 meters “smart meters” in Saskatchewan

While Oakville Hydro has over 60,000 Sensus meters in its distribution area, we do not have any Generation 3.3 meters. We have not experienced any reports of smart meters catching fire since we began installing them in 2009. Mike Brown, Chief Operating Officer stated, “We have no safety concerns related to smart meters in Oakville.”

Oakville Hydro’s meter technicians and powerline staff are well trained in smart meter installation and follow strict procedures that include visual checks to confirm the safe and satisfactory condition of meters and meter bases during installation and replacement.

The Ontario Energy Board, the province’s electricity regulator, released a statement on August 11, which said, “The Ontario Energy Board has gathered information on smart meter model types that are used by electricity distributors across Ontario. The Board has confirmed that no utilities in Ontario use the Sensus Generation 3.3 meters, the model used in Saskatchewan.” The statement can be viewed on the Ontario Energy Board’s website.

As safety of our customers and employees is our top priority, we will continue to monitor the findings emerging from Saskatchewan. We are constantly ensuring the highest safety standards in all of our practices, making health and safety the cornerstone of our business.



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