Oakville Interior Design: Summer Southern Style!

Screened in porch
Oakville Interior Design: Summer Southern Style!

After vacationing in the sunny south, I was inspired by a traditional design – the charming screened in porch, and balcony. While a screened in porch in Canada would have to be winterized, these traditional southern indoor-outdoor spaces are packed with endless decorating ideas. So, let me inspire you, like Florida inspired me.

Screen in your Area:
It’s an old tried and true idea for sure, but one that creates a timeless retreat. Creating a screen in porch, patio, or balcony allows a longer, bug free outdoor space. A modern twist would be to install a retractable screen by companies such as Phantom Screens.

Stay Cool:
Southerner’s understand it’s going to get hot. Therefore, installing a ceiling fan in your porch, or having a standing fan on your patio will make the area more pleasant and enjoyable. Try finding vintage or painted metal fans. A variety of ceiling fan designs are available for you to choose from to stay cool.

Plantation Plants:
Add tropical plants with lots of green foliage, and minimal colour. Southern plants like ferns, and tropical palm trees instantly add warmth and welcome your guests to the easy way of life. Ahh can you feel the sun.

Furniture Finds:
Forget about buying that perfect matching outdoor patio set. The south is all about celebrating the past when it comes to decorating. So look for those furniture finds, bring inside items out, or even mix and match. Remember the more vintage inspired pieces the better!

One of a Kind Accents:
Choose fabrics with colourful traditional patterns for accent pillows and area carpets. Southerner’s love their heirlooms and collectables and proudly display them. Place one of kind accessories in focal places, mix things up with family portraits and cherished personal items.

Remember, Southerner’s design both indoor and outdoor spaces to feel warm and welcoming; they live for today!


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