Oakville launches “It’s Your 150! High School Challenge”

It's Your 150! High School Challenge
Oakville launches “It’s Your 150! High School Challenge”
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Through funding from the Ontario 150 program, Oakville launches It’s Your 150! High School Challenge. This fall Oakville’s high school students have a unique leadership opportunity to help our community.

It’s Your 150! High School Challenge student volunteer team leaders will encourage all students to track their routes to and from school using the running and cycling app Strava. The challenge will help the town learn where the best places are to improve cycling, running and walking routes. Also, the team leaders will be able to earn up to 50 community service hours.

“By volunteering and becoming an It’s Your 150! Team Leader, students can have a positive, fun experience, support their school, and have the opportunity to complete all of their community volunteer hours,” said Chris Clapham, Sustainable Transportation Program Co-ordinator. “Students will build skills in public speaking, social media communications and health promotion – great things to have on a resume.”

Four It’s Your 150! High School Challenge volunteer team leader positions are available at each high school that includes:

  1. Halton District High Schools in Oakville
  2. Halton Catholic District Secondary Schools in Oakville
  3. Oakville Independent High Schools

The positions will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Town staff will be visiting schools throughout October, promoting the program and recruiting volunteers. Students can also go on-line to the It’s Your 150! registration form and choose “I want to be a team leader!”

Students don’t have to become a team leader to take part in It’s Your 150! High School Challenge. Every high school student is encouraged to sign up online for the free fitness app Strava. Strava will track trips to and from their school, helping to improve bike paths, crosswalks and other routes around the community. Students signed up for the It’s Your 150! qualify for exciting prizes, including a draw for a bike.

About Strava
Strava is the social network for athletes. It is comprised of a global community of millions of runners, cyclists and triathletes. Strava turns every iPhone and Android into a sophisticated running and cycling computer that works with participants as well as GPS watches and head units.


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