Oakville Museum presents: Colour-Coded

Colour Coded displays of Clothing, Jewelry & China in Red
Oakville Museum presents: Colour-Coded
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Carolyn Cross

Carolyn Cross

Carolyn Cross is the Curator of Collections for the town of Oakville Museum. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from McGill University and earned her Master of Fine Arts from Concordia University. Carolyn became the Curator in 2007.

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Your local museum holds and shares the treasures identifying our community’s past!  Colour-Coded offers a kaleidoscopic look into the Oakville Museum’s rich and diverse permanent collection ranging from paintings to sculpture, costume to decorative arts.  The objects on display will offer colourful insight into Oakville’s unique character and culture.

For many of us, our mental image of the past is monochromatic, based on black and white photos or old movies. But it comes to life in vivid colour when we consider the artifacts of the past. Clothing, china, carpets, jewellery, and other everyday objects in a glorious riot of rainbow colours show us how wrong it is to believe that our ancestors lived drab, colourless lives.

Covering the seven colours of the spectrum; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet; this exhibit showcases the Oakville Museum’s vast array of colourful artifacts. Brilliant blues, rich reds, gorgeous greens, youthful yellows, vibrant violets, intense indigos and optimistic.

The Colour-Coded exhibit will run from May 12th until December 5, 2014 at the Queen Elizabeth Park Cultural & Community Centre located at 2302 Bridge Road.

Exhibit of Colour Coded Exhibit

Photo Credit: Oakville Museum


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