Oakville North-Burlington MP acknowledges the hard work ahead

Oakville North-Burlington
Oakville North-Burlington MP acknowledges the hard work ahead
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MP Pam Damoff

MP Pam Damoff

Pam Damoff, a politician, community activist and business professional with over 25 years’ corporate experience on Bay Street, was elected to represent the riding of Oakville North-Burlington in the House of Commons in the 2015 federal election. Prior to the election, Pam served as an Oakville Town Councillor from 2010-2015.

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A month ago, Canadians chose to re-elect a Liberal government on an ambitious and achievable platform that will help more people make ends meet, make life easier for parents and families, protect our environment, and keep our economy strong and growing. It has been an honour to represent Oakville North-Burlington in the House of Commons since I was first elected in 2015, and it is an immense privilege to be returning to Ottawa for a second term.

While I am proud of our accomplishments over the last four years, there is much more work to be done, and I am excited to get started.

We were elected with the only plan that takes climate change seriously, recognizing it for the threat it poses to our economy, health, public safety and way of life, and we have the experience and the capacity to deliver on our commitments.

Building on the work we did over the last four years, we will make sure young people have access to education, housing and employment by enhancing Canada Student Loans, investing in jobs for youth, and making home ownership more accessible.

We will make our communities safer and healthier with a ban on military-style assault rifles and the introduction of a national universal pharmacare plan. We will continue to be a strong voice for Canada on the world stage, and we will always stand up for the rights of Canadians — for women’s reproductive and sexual health, for LGBTQ Canadians, for indigenous people and for those living with a disability.

As I prepare to return to Ottawa on December 5th for the Throne Speech, I look forward to working with Oakville North-Burlington residents to make our community and our country the best it can be.

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