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Oakville Opts Out of Recreational Cannabis Stores

Oakville Opts Out of Recreational Cannabis Stores
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Nolan A Machan

Nolan A Machan

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On January 14, 2018 Oakville Council made it official to opt-out of allowing retail cannabis stores in Oakville. However, it was not a unanimous vote.

The decision reached on Monday’s vote reflects a similar position that council took in 2018, when the province decided that retail cannabis stores would be allowed.

“Town Council’s vote to opt-out reflects what we have heard throughout our community,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “We are supporting a wait and watch approach at this time. Municipalities just don’t have enough input into cannabis retail stores when it comes to notice, location, zoning and licensing. We have asked staff to report back to us by December 2019 to reconsider our decision once more detailed information on cannabis retail stores becomes available.”

Town Councillor, Beth Robertson voted in favour of allowing retail cannabis stores. Councillor Robertson was elected on October 22, 2018.

“I campaigned on the position to opt in and was elected with the residents knowing where I stand. There are enough negative implications for the collection of private information through the online Ontario Cannabis Store to recognize the need for retail stores as an option,” commented Beth Robertson.

This is her first term, winning the seat that was long-held by Ralph Robinson. She represents the residents of Ward one. Ward One is bounded by Burloak Drive and north along the western side of Bronte Provincial Park) to Dundas Street to 3rd line to Lake Ontario.

January 14th also marked the day when two other local municipalities made their decisions on recreational cannabis stores.

  1. Burlington council opted to allow stores. 2 councillors voted to opt-out
  2. City of Hamilton council opted to allow stores. 10 city councillors voted for retail cannabis, and 6 voted against.

Milton, Mississauga, and now Oakville have all voted to opt-out of having recreational cannabis retail stores. However, communities who have opted out can decide to opt-in at a later date. Once communities agreed to allow Cannabis retail stores, their decision is irrevocable.

On January 11, 2019 the Alcohol and Gaming Commission announced the lottery winners. A total of 60,000 operators applied. Only 25 stores are licensed to open on April 1, 2019.

The government of Ontario agreed to have only 25 private retail locations open, because the demand for recreational cannabis far out strips the supply. As more supply comes available, more private operators receive licenses.

The decision for recreational cannabis to be sold by private operators was a departure from the previous government’s position to have recreational Cannabis sold via the LCBO.

Residents can purchase recreational cannabis online at the Ontario Cannabis Store.



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