Oakville PC Candidate’s Reaction to Patrick Brown’s Resignation

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Oakville  PC Candidate’s Reaction to Patrick Brown’s Resignation
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Oakville’s Provincial Conservative candidate Stephen Crawford’s reaction to the resignation of Patrick Brown as leader of Ontario’s PC Leader was uploaded to his Facebook Page. Mr Crawford’s statement was uploaded at 2:00 AM, Thursday January 25, 2018. Brown denied the two allegations of sexual misconduct, but stepped down from his leadership role. None of these allegations have been proven in court.  Brown made the announcement early Thursday morning.

Stephen Crawford’s reaction to Patrick Brown’s resignation:
“As a husband and father of four daughters I believe it is right that accusations like those against Patrick Brown are taken very seriously. Anyone guilty of taking advantage of vulnerable women or abusing power over others should be dealt with in strict accordance with our laws.

The Progressive Conservative Party has a tremendous record of service to the people of Ontario and is much bigger than any single member, regardless of role or position.

We have excellent members serving Ontarians in the Legislative Assembly now, an exciting platform, and many excellent candidates nominated in ridings across Ontario prepared to govern our province by supporting and strengthening Ontario families. We will have a new leader chosen in the very near future so we are ready for the upcoming provincial election.”

Oakville’s Provincial Riding Association had Mr. Brown’s support of Stephen Crawford pinned to the top of their Twitter Account @Oakville_PC.   Mr. Brown was scheduled to speak in Oakville on February 21, 2018. Mr. Brown was supposed to discuss the Ontario PC Platform. This meeting was cancelled.


Patrick Brown

As of this morning, Patrick Brown’s image and messaging was still up on Oakville’s Provincial Candidate, Stephen Crawford’s website. Brown’s imagining and statements are still up on the provincial website and their Facebook Page. The leadership tweeted a copy of Patrick Brown’s resignation speech soon after he delivered his resignation announcement.

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  1. Ted Waller says:

    Guilty in the court of Public Opinion. PC’s get on your horse, find us a leader and kick these lying Liberals to the curb

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