Oakville Property Taxes: who is in control?

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Oakville Property Taxes: who is in control?
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Property Taxes are a hot button topic in Oakville. The people responsible for spending your property taxes are town councillors, town and regional councillors and the Mayor. They also approve the town’s and region’s budgets. They are in control, and impact your day-to-day life.

Property Taxes which cover the budgets and are based on the value of your property plus the mill-rate. The value of your property is determined my MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation), not the town.

Property taxes pay for:

  1. Education Budget
  2. Halton Region Budget
  3. Town of Oakville Budget

For the most part, the provincial and federal governments regulate the standard of services provided by the town and region.

Examples of this would be:

  1. building code regulations
  2. population growth

Council oversee for the following services:

Town Services:

  1. Local planning and zoning
  2. Local storm sewers
  3. Local roads, streets and sidewalks – where and how they will look, maintenance, snow removal
  4. Oakville Transit
  5. Oakville Public Library
  6. Oakville Museum
  7. Oakville Fire Department
  8. Local parks and recreation services: arenas, recreation centres, outdoor pools, splash pads
  9. Collection of taxes of PROPERTY TAXES

Halton Region Services

  1. Regional planning
  2. Water & Waste water – Treatment Plants
  3. Solid waste – Garbage
  4. Regional roads and storm sewers
  5. Halton Regional Police Services
  6. Emergency planning
  7. Social & Public Health services
  8. Debt financing
  9. Tourism promotion

Budget increases, decreases or stablity

Some of these can be outside of councillors’ control such as the increase in the price of fuel or minimum wage.


Council maintains services at a consistent level.

  1. examples: maintaining infrastructure, service fees stay consistent


Council increases services.

  1. examples: significant increase in pay, making services free, increasing services provided


Council cuts services.

  1. examples: cut transit, reduce maintenance of infrastructure

Council can have a significant impact on your property tax bill. On October 22, 2018 you vote for the individuals who create the budget and how the money is spent.  The mayor and councillors impact your life every day. It is important to have qualified people holding public office. Pay attention and choose wisely.


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