Oakville Real Estate Stigma Removed – Proposed Power Plant Cancelled

Oakville’s real estate received its greatest boost this week, from the McGuinty government decision to cancel the area’s proposed power plant. A sigh of relief was heard throughout the town. People talked, called, emailed, twittered, and facebooked the news within seconds of the announcement. This was national news!

Stop Power Plant - Thank YouOver the past few years the news of Oakville’s power plant was heard around the world. I received calls and emails about this from countless people overseas who were considering Oakville as a potential home, and were concerned. They knew that Oakville was considered one Canada’s top communities. These were intelligent people who researched the town. They were aware of the excellent public and private schools, the excellent quality of homes, the beautiful neighborhoods, the charming downtown, and the easy access to Toronto. However, the proposed power plant trumped it all. Oakville became a hard sell and property values started to drop.


Now as a realtor, I was finally able to put one of the largest stigmas to hit Oakville real estate in decades to rest. The value of Oakville’s real estate will return and likely increase. Oakville will be perceived as a community that can win against bad government decisions. What was considered a major stigma, now will be perceived of as a major strength. Congratulations advocates, volunteers, and businesses which stepped up and contributed so much time, energy and money.

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