Oakville Real Estate Update: December 9th to 16th, 2012


A Balance Market

Here are Oakville’s real estate sales statistics for December 9, 2012 to December 16th, 2012. The market is taking its typical Christmas break. Inventory remains strong even with 45 listings being taken off the market. The more surprising is increase in the number of units for lease, which seems to be as a result of sellers not wanting to reduce their listing prices, and recognizing that Oakville has always had a shortage of rental inventory. The market is still strong with 10% of homes selling at list or above. However, what we are beginning to see is a balanced market – which is something that Oakville hasn’t seen for several years.

Oakville Real Estate Statistics

Property Type Total Active Solds Sold at or above Conditional Delisted Listed
Leases 201 8 5 2 16 32
$100K to $500K 130 7 2 3 7 7
$500K to $1M 260 9 1 12 11 24
$1M to $2M 118 5 0 3 7 7
$2M plus 82 0 0 1 4 1
Totals 781 29 8 21 45 71

dogKeep Going

So what are the best things to do when you are listing your home during the holidays. Keep the house warm. If you are preparing a dinner or having friends over for the holidays, and you have a showing – keep going with your plans. Buyers are looking at how the home is used, and if it is too austere during the holidays, they may sense there is something wrong. Holiday baking and cooking smells are always inviting to buyers. So enjoy the holidays – they  go by so quickly.


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