Oakville Real Estate Update: January 18 to 25, 2013


Importance of LightThis week we are continuing to see a balance market. However, and interesting element is that there is one more  listing then last week. Usually the trend at this time of year is for the number of active listings to increase substantially. Though it may appear funny – weather can play a role in real estate transactions – since if buyers are staying home because of road conditions sales do decrease, and since realtors are also effected it can also create a decrease in the number of new listings available.

Demand is still very strong for leased properties with more 9 properties leasing out at or above list. Even when we take properties that are selling in general around 6.5% are selling at or above list. So for the right property in the right location – buyers are willing to bid. This is down substantially from previous years – but it still does exist for the right property.

 Property Price Active Listings Listed Conditional Sold At or Plus Cancelled
Leases 176 28 1 18 9 17
$100K to $500K 133 38 15 13 2 13
$500K to $1M 229 46 16 19 1 17
$1M – $2M 118 24 5 3 0 7
2M Plux 77 9 0 0 0 5
Total 733 145 37 53 12 59

So what to do this week. Well, on Monday we are expecting some nasty weather so there really isn’t much you can do – except put out a floor mat should a buyer be venturing out. However, use the day to freshen up the house. When you are leaving – please leave on some critical lights. There is nothing worse then having to fumble for keys in the dark. It also helps to ensure your home is bright all the time. There are always darker rooms, such as interior bathrooms. Leave the light on. Light makes your home inviting.


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