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Oakville Recipients of the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers

Oakville Recipients of the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers
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Seven Oakville residents received the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers. The Governor General awards these medals to individuals from across the country, who have made incredible contributions benefiting communities and organizations. They received no compensation for their efforts.

Oakville’s Volunteers

VolunteersVolunteersTrent and Todd Courage

Todd and Trent Courage are the co-founders of the annual Oakville Polar Bear Dip. The annual fundraiser has raised more than $1.5 million since 1995 to fund World Vision clean water projects around the world.

VolunteersTerry Jackson

For more than 35 years, Terry Jackson has been a valued member of his community. His involvement in support of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and local Oakville charities has touched many lives.

VolunteersKenneth “Ken” Lloyd

Kenneth Lloyd is a passionate and exemplary leader who transformed the Hamilton Signals Association from a small social club into a dynamic service organization with more than 200 active members. Using interactive displays and events, he educates the public and students on the important role signals and communications have played in shaping Canada in times of both war and peace.

VolunteersGlenn Bowser

For nearly 20 years, Glenn Bowser has supported the Royal Canadian Legion, promoting membership in the community and coordinating the weekly Fish Fry fundraiser. He has also been leading and mentoring Air Cadet youth for 35 years. In 2016, he started the Walk for Colleen, a charitable fundraiser and organ donation awareness event in honour of his late wife.

VolunteersGary Reamey

For two decades, citizens across Canada have benefited from the leadership and volunteer work of Gary Reamey. He has focused his efforts on the needs of military members and veterans through such organizations as the Lorne Scots Regiment and the United Way.

VolunteersPravin Sharma (award presented in July)

Pravin Sharma has been a tireless fundraiser and dedicated volunteer to a host of organizations, groups and community causes for decades. As a member of the Interfaith Council of Halton, she helped to raise over $300,000 in support of Oakville’s new Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. Her active involvement with the Vaishno Devi Temple in Oakville for more than 25 years has resulted in helping to cultivate and foster relationships with many cultural and faith-based groups across the region. Through her ongoing activities Ms. Sharma’s leadership has brought increased focus to the hardships faced by many senior citizens in the community.

Text about recipients provided by the Town of Oakville. 



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