Oakville Red Light Cameras Increase

Trip a red light camera: $325


This summer, Halton Region will be expanding the red light camera program, installing red light cameras in Oakville. By the end of the summer, in addition to the two red light cameras currently in operation, two more new cameras in Oakville will become operational, helping remind drivers to stop at red lights.

“We know that road safety is a critical concern of our residents and red light cameras are just one of the road safety initiatives we’re implementing,” said Regional Chair Gary Carr. “We want to save lives, make our roads as safe as possible and ensure Oakville remains a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire.”

With almost half of Oakville drivers surveyed stating they worry about getting into an accident when driving through an intersection and more than 60% reporting seeing a near-miss accident as a result of someone running a red light, Oakville’s red light cameras, located at strategic intersections throughout the Oakville, will provide a visual reminder to drivers to stop on red and help improve safety on Oakville’s roads.

By the end of the summer, cameras will be operational at seven intersections across Halton including:

  • Trafalgar Road and Leighland Avenue, Town of Oakville
  • Trafalgar Road and Upper Middle Road, Town of Oakville

Throughout southern Ontario, red light cameras have reduced personal-injury type accidents, helping to improve the safety of intersections. Cameras take photos of red light runners 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but only operate if a vehicle enters the intersection after the light has turned red.

The fine for running a red light is $325. Demerit points are not issued with violations detected by red light cameras. More details about red light cameras are available at www.halton.ca/stoponred.



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