Oakville Ridings go Liberal in Federal 2015 Election

John Oliver and Pam Damoff head to Ottawa

John Oliver & Terence Young shaking hands
Oakville Ridings go Liberal in Federal 2015 Election
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As the country voted in a Liberal Party majority government on October 19, 2015, Oakville’s ridings followed the country and also voted in two new Liberal members of parliament. The riding of Oakville North Burlington voted in Pam Damoff, and the riding of Oakville voted in John Oliver who will join the 184 Liberal MP’s going to Ottawa.

Pam Damoff hugging her son Fraser

Pam Damoff the new Liberal MP for Oakville North Burlington hugging her son Fraser at her celebration. Photo Credit: OakvilleNews.Org

Both races were tight at the beginning of the night, but after about 2 hours it became apparent that Team Damoff realized their win. The Oliver team needed a little longer to reach the same conclusion.

Here is how it all worked out in Oakville for the Federal Election of 2015.

Riding: Oakville
1. John Oliver: Liberal Party of Canada: 31,967 votes; 49.4% of the vote
2. Terence Young: Conservative Party of Canada: 27,487 votes; 42.5% of the vote
3. Che Marville: New Democratic Party: 3,830 votes; 5.9 % of the vote
4. David Doel: Green Party of Canada: 1,420 votes; 2.2 % of the vote

A total of 64,704 people came out to vote of 88,179 registered voters which translated into 73.38% of the eligible voters. In 2011 Terence Young the Conservative Party candidate won 51% of the vote, and the Liberal Party candidate Max Khan won 30%.

Riding: Oakville North-Burlington
1. Pam Damoff: Liberal Party of Canada: 23,334 votes; 46.9% of the vote
2. Effie Triantafilopoulos: Conservative Party of Canada: 21,309 votes; 42.9 % of the vote
3. Janice Best: New Democratic Party: 3,726 votes; 7.5% of the vote
4. Adnan Shahbaz: Green Party of Canada: 819 votes; 1.6 % of the votes
5. David Clemment: Libertarian Party of Canada: 533 votes; 1.1 % of the vote

At the time that this article was posted 203 of 235 polls reported at 2:00 AM on October 20, 2015. This translates to 86.34% of the polls. The new Oakville North Burlington Federal Riding was carved out of the Milton riding from 2011 which was won by Lisa Raitt and she retained in 2015.

Numbers are derived from Elections Canada results as recorded on Tuesday, October 20, 2015.


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