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After a year of exhaustive studies and public consultations, Town Council has made the decision last night, March 31, 2016 that toll booths will be erected at all locations where vehicles will enter Oakville. They are expecting the booths to be up and running by September 1, 2017.

Transit rider advocates have been pushing hard for this program in order to ensure that they are not footing the full bill for road infrastructure projects. According to statistics provided on the town’s website one busload of passengers would take 40 cars off the road during rush hour traffic, which is equal to a line of 58 cars stretching six city blocks if traffic is moving at 40 km/h. It would also save 70,000 litres of fuel per year, taking nine tones of air pollutants our of the air.

“I constantly hear people complaining about the empty buses,” states one of Oakville transit’s main advocates Jay W. Aucker, “but no one talks about the cost of roads or if the roads are empty.”

The cost of entering Oakville will be $2.50 per entrance for family vehicles and $5.00 for trucks. Town residents will have the option of purchasing a $50.00 monthly pass or a $500 yearly pass per vehicle. The town will be using the same system that is used by ETR407, who will be responsible for implementing and running the program for the Town.

The revenue generated from this program will be used to provide Oakville residents with the best maintained road system and will allow great improvements to our current transit system.

“The town has had a long tradition of expecting users to pay for the services they use. We expect people to pay for using a recreation centre’s pool, it is about time that drivers pay for the roads they drive on. This will finally lift the burden off property taxes,” stated a Town Councillor.

For more information on this program, please visit: oakville.ca.


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