Oakville Town Council Election 2014: Candidate for Ward 1: Linda Oliver


Linda Oliver is running for the position of town and regional councilor for Ward 1. This will be her second time running for the dual position after her 2010 campaign where she lost by just 215 votes.

Oliver says that she is confident she can represent her constituents and wants to keep Oakville a good place to live.

“I feel I can speak well and be an advocate for people who are concerned or even happy with what is going on in Oakville,” she said. “I want to be able to support that and work with council to make Oakville the best town it can be.”

One of her concerns is affordable housing. She feels the town’s young people should be able to work and live in Oakville and right now doesn’t see that happening.

“People who work in Oakville in the service industry and so on, unless they come up with a six-figure salary they can’t afford to live here,” said Oliver. “Everybody deserves to have a roof over their head. Right now I can’t even afford to sell my house and downsize in Oakville.”

Oliver is a semi-retired nurse and has acted as a political advocate for the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario. Other committees she’s involved in include the Bronte Village Residents Association, Elder Services Advisory Committee and the Bronte Village Stakeholders.

She says she works diligently with these different committees and volunteer organizations to show people she cares about the community and can be dedicated to whatever she puts her mind to.

“I want to make informed decisions on anything that’s before council,” said Oliver. “I would advocate for the people that I represent and I want to serve the community and provide good leadership.”

Contacting Linda Oliver
Web: www.lindaoliver.ca
bus.: (905) 616-2928
email: ward1@lindaoliver.ca

District: Ward 1
Position: Town & Regional Councillor


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